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How to submit software to Musicians Networks


Please submit music, audio or video related software only

Dear software developers and distributors!

You are welcome to add/update your music, audio or video related freeware, shareware, commercial software to our Musicians Networks directory! We publish only music, audio or video related software, we donot publish other software. We accept submissions using the PAD XML format, designed by the Association of Shareware Professionals (ASP). To learn more about the PAD go to http://www.asp-shareware.org/pad/ 


Attention! Information about software listed here must meet these rules. Be careful when you add or modify information about your software, or it will be removed from Musicians Networks software directory.

Requirements for software suggested to publication here:

  • Software must be published by its author or official representative;
  • Software doesn't have to be just a client of any online service;
  • Software must have rational file size (the set of features must be equal to file size). For example, just additional utility with 2 mb file will not be published;
  • Software must have file for download and homepage hosted not by the free server like Rapidshare, Geocities, Hypermart, Virtualave, etc.;
  • Software's homepage must have serious and legal content (no sponsors like DoubleClick, warez or porno banners, etc.);
  • The file of the software available for download must be .zip, .exe, .rar, .msi, .tar or .tar.gz. file only.

We keep the right to refuse the publication of any software without any reason.

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Musicians Network Software Awards

If your software has been awarded either of these awards below you are free to put the button on your web site.

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