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JamBox 1.0.0

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Category: Video Converters

Producer: Interactive Groove

Size: 8.67 MB

OS: Windows

Price: $10.00

License: Shareware

In the beginning uThere were waxed cylinder players, phonograph players, CD players, SACD, DVD, MP1, MP2, MP3, MP4.JamBox is an Interactive Audio Player that takes you to the next level beyond the confines of traditional linear recordings, where you listen to a musical composition from start to finish. Kaleidoscopic Jambox brings the listener an infinite variety of ways to hear improvisational styles of music in a constantly changing way.For example, P-Jam, Atomic Tangerine's jazz/fusion piece, which comes with the Player, is Kaleidoscopic (continuous and constantly changing), as well as Interactive (you can play along with it). Jamlets are new type of interactive media file that you play on the JamBox and they can use any of the following Jam Box features:MultimediaJamBox.s built in Web Browser can visually entertain you while you are listening to a Jamlet file. The Web Browser is driven by the Jamlet file and can display web pages or images in synchronization with the music or audio program.KaleidoscopicA new musical performance medium where songs can be rendered in an endless variety of ways. A kaleidoscopic piece never plays the same way twice, and will play forever if you let it. InteractiveKaleidoscopic JamBox gives you the capability to play along with the music on the keyboard or screen rather than being a passive listener. Jamlet.comYou can find more Jamlets and other useful stuff at Jamlet.com.JamBox.orgYou can find technical information about JamBox and Jamlets at JamBox.orgInteractiveGroove.comJamBox and the Atomic Tangerine P-Jam are ShareWare. They are free to try if you like them you can purchase them at InteractiveGroove.com.AtomicTangerineMusic.comYou can find more music by Atomic Tangerine as well as photographs and band info at www.atomictangerinemusic.com.

Jamlet - Interactive Audio - Music - Jam - Play Along

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