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aumpel 3.0
aumpel 3.0

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Category: Video Converters

Producer: Arbinger Systems

Size: 666.62 Kb

OS: Windows

Price: $14.99

License: Shareware

aumpel allows you to easily drag and drop, and convert WMA/WAV/MP3 files simultaneously to WAV or MP3. It breaks through the one-file-at-a-time conversion concept and allows you to put your multiple processors to work. You can convert up to 8 files simultaneously. It has advanced conversion capabilities, and you can re-encode your MP3 or WAV files to different bitrates and frequencies. It also allows you to place all your converted files into a single directory - great for creating playlists. It provides you with immediate performance tuning. You can adjust how much processor time it will consume on the fly. A quick feature list: Threaded conversion (up to 8 files at once) - Convert WMA, MP3, WAV to WAV or MP3 - Advanced MP3 encoding options such as stereo, mono, resampling, VBR/CBR bitrate, predefined quality settings - Can convert 24/32 bit samples (automatic scaling) - On the fly adjustment of processor utilization - Drag and drop multiple files to convert - Easy management of input file list - Simple, focused interface - Automatically saves conversion options - Funnel output files into a single directory - Re-encode your MP3 or WAV files (change the bitrate, stereo, etc)

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