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Vidophone H323

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Category: Utilities & Plug-Ins

Producer: Vidosystem

Size: 1.70 MB

OS: Windows XP, Windows 2000

Price: $10.00

License: Shareware

Leading H323 Softphone dialer in industry, work automatically under NAT with Stun protocol. Best voice quality with G.723.1 and G.729/A codec, other codec supported iLBC, GSM, G711. With Hold, mute functions, mic/spk volume control, audio device selection, auto login to web billing , call history, address book, Fully skinable, available for private label and logo. Vidophone H323 dialer is perfect for Middle East market where some country may block sip port. Features: Using G.723.1, G.729/A for best quality, other codec supported iLBC, GSM, G711 Fully Comply with ITU-T H323 latest recommendations PC to PC call, PC to Phone call, and Phone to PC call. Volume and Microphone gain control Full duplex audio . Selection of the audio device used by the softPhone (audio cards must be full-duplex). Support Fast Start Procedure, H245 In Setup, and H245 Tunneling. Adaptive Jitter buffer . Real time audio streaming. Silence Supression. DTMF sending in Q931 and RFC2833 Works Automatically behind NAT with STUN Interoperability: Interoperable with most softphones,IP-Phones,Gateways,Gatekeepers, IP-PBX and other VoIP entities. Address Book and last call. Hold and Mute. Fully attractive skinable interface. Private Branding and load your logo. Auto Login to your billing website page. Low binary size approximately 1,6 MB in easy installable installer. Not using any .NET or Java Runtime Library

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