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UdoRadio 2.6

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Category: Utilities & Plug-Ins

Producer: UdoEntertainment LLC

Size: 496.64 Kb

OS: Windows

License: Freeware

Meet UdoRadio -- the first Internet streaming media site that gets personal with listeners.UdoRadio.com is a free Internet radio station unlike any on the Web today. Only UdoRadio lets listeners choose the music they want to hear and keeps them as loyal listeners day after day. We break the genre boundaries-While most Internet stations lock listeners into the same genre-specific music broadcast stations play, UdoRadio listeners build their own play lists across any music genre they like. They can mix Celtic and New Age with Jazz and Opera. Blend Blues with Bluegrass, then add Gospel and Rock. Even build a play list just for the kids! UdoRadio members can create as many as five different stations, where they can listen to music they would never hear to-gether on either traditional or Internet radio. That feature, in itself, is distinct enough, but we go one giant step further. Both music lovers and record companies are in for a pleasant surprise with the newest streaming media Web site, UdoRadio.com. Currently in beta test, UdoRadio not only promises free choice and a total experience for listeners, but also fair returns and safeguards for record labels.

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