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AlgoRhythmia 3.2

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Category: Utilities & Plug-Ins

Producer: Zeta Centauri

Size: 6.42 MB

OS: Windows XP, Windows NT, Windows Millennium, Windows 98, Windows 2000

Price: $25.00

License: Shareware

AlgoRhythmia is an 8-channel drum machine and beat generator. It supports .wav sample playback and MIDI. It generates patterns up to 4 measures long in any of six time signatures and at virtually any BPM. It allows the user to mutate or regenerate any or all of the drum sounds in a pattern or to edit them by hand via the pattern editing window. This is a great creative tool for inspiring new ideas, practicing along to strange beats, or just tinkering for fun. With the addition of 8 built-in effects, customized or bizarre sounds are at your fingertips. With the ability to export patterns to MIDI, you can generate beats for use in your favorite sequencer or looping program.

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