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jPodder .0 RC 1

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Category: Utilities & Plug-Ins

Producer: dzone

Size: 13.63 MB

OS: Windows

License: Freeware

previewing, multiple downloading, BitTorrent support and many more user friendly functions. Here are some key features of "jPodder": General/GUI - Multi Platform program (Java based). - Easy installer. (Creates shortcuts on Windows PC's). - System tray (Minimize jPodder to download in background). - GUI Menu and popup menu's. - Build-in User manual. - Multi-Language RSS Feed management - Add, Remove Edit feeds. - Sort feeds by name. - Move feeds up/down - View detailed Feed information. - Feeds stored in easy XML format. - Extensive status bar. - Drag Drop Podcasts link Enclosure previewing - Preview enclosures incl. name, date, size.. - Show enclosure status (Downloaded, In player..) - Show previous downloads from this feed. - Highlights partial downloads. - Highlights previous downloads. Downloading - Scheduled downloads - Multiple simultaneous downloads - Single enclosure download - Smart-Download, Downloads latest only. - Maximum downloads, Limiter to the number of downloads - Resume partial downloads - Manual download retry - Feed Authentication - Proxy Server support (Including authentication) - build-in BitTorrent. (Including seeding). Media Player Interface - Natively supports transfer to iTunes and WMP. - Player plugin facility. - MIME-Type association to players Podcast Production - Manage production steps - Auto-create RSS feed - MP3 Tag editing - Add enclosures to RSS feed - Launch recorder - FTP Transfer production. - Auto-test RSS feed. Logging - Color coded logging. - BitTorrent logging.

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