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AntiWave VSTi 1.2

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Category: Utilities & Plug-Ins

Producer: SVAr software

Size: 2.24 MB

OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista

Price: $24.99

License: Shareware

AntiWave plug-in is a VST / VSTi sampler (WAV, SF2 player), designed for creating music on your VST Host. FEATURES: Unlimited voice polyphony. Any sample rate support. Glide mode. Random pan mode. Resonant filters. WAV sample loop support (Forward, Ping-Pong and Sustain loop). WAV sample start offset. Graphical curve editor Volume, Panning, Pitch, Filter control curves. Control curves loop support (Forward, Ping-Pong and Sustain loop). Tempo sync. Adjustable note fade time. Full 32-bit floating point internal sample operation (Supports Stereo WAV files in the 32-bit floating point format) Cubic spline interpolation. Built-in wave editor with basic operations (Cut, Copy, Paste, Trim, Normalize, Reverse). All states and wave-tables are saved along with the host project. Sample library organizer/loader. Importing samples from next formats: WAV, AIFF, PAT, XI, ITI, ITS, S3I, SF2, DLS, IT, XM, MT2, S3M, MOD Ability to share instruments/ wav samples between loaded plug-in instances. Full SF2 (SoundFont ) / DLS bank loading. OCtInstruments on the disk mode OCo loaded only if used. Visual piano keyboard. Visual sample to note assignment. Adjustable play quality/processor usage. Play position visualization. Sample (WAV file) usage counters. Wav sample tuning function with base tone player. FFT window.

AntiWave - Vsti - AntiWave VSTi 1.2 - AntiWave VSTi - WAV - Sample - SF2 - Plug-In - Player - Loop - Audio Plugins - Audio Multimedia

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