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ActiveSmart? TagSmart 1.2.39

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Category: Utilities & Plug-Ins

Producer: ActiveSmart

Size: 2.25 MB

OS: Windows

Price: $14.99

License: Shareware

Use TagSmart to easily add, edit and remove ID3 tag data. It contains support for both version 1 and version 2 of the ID3 tagging schemes and allows you to edit MP3 files on a one-by-one basis or in a batch mode, allowing for the editing of a group of files that require one or more common attribute(s), such as album or artist.TagSmart also allows you to rip and encode your favourite audio CD-ROMs into MP3 format, this feature even has support for the online CD-Database allowing you to introduce the ID3 tag information as files are being encoded.Additional features that are also incorporated into program are:* A file-sorting wizard* Re-naming of files based on their tag information. * CDDB (FreeDB) lookup for MP3 albums.* Exporting of music play-lists. * Exporting of CSV files. * An easy to use explorer interface* An Integrated help system.* And many, many more.

Batch - Rip - Encode - MP3 - Audio