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Flying PopCorn POP 6.0
Flying PopCorn POP 6.0

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Category: Music Creation

Producer: PARASYS Co., Ltd.

Size: 64.68 MB

OS: Windows XP, Windows Millennium, Windows 98, Windows 2003, Windows 2000

Price: $39.95

License: Shareware

Multimedia Contents Authoring Tool : Easy and exciting for beginners... Dynamic and interactive for experts... Flying PopCorn 6 lets you produce splendid, yet refined, contents with multimedia materials (text, image, sound, video, animation, Flash, web document and database) with easy and convenient editing. The created contents can be applied to the web as well as CDs and presentations. ===== OVERVIEW ===== * Powerful : Light but powerful web contents - Makes your homepage much more splendid using web-based playback file. - Simple web documents editing with multiple web browsing controls. * Easy : Even for beginners - Most functions work just by clicking and dragging the mouse. - Easy amp; fast editing via various templates and supplied samples. * Dynamic : Produces splendid, dynamic and interactive contents - Fancy contents with stereophonic sound and fascinating animation. - Dynamic interactive contents using built-in programmable actions. * Various : Multi-purpose, for various users from children to experts - CD-ROM titles and web contents for promotion, presentation, education and albums - For Company, school (pre-school up to university), government, church, home, etc. ===== APPLICATIONS ===== Easy creations like PowerPoint...Versatile applications like Flash... * Multimedia Web Pages - Company homepage, Personal BLOG - E-learning contents, sending e-mail* Digital Albums - Family album, Wedding album, Children album - Graduation album, Personal profiles* Educational Materials and Lessons - E-learning, Lecture notes / plans and contents - Multimedia lessons, Extracurricular lessons* Effective and Powerful Presentations - Presentations, Project reports - Company IR, Contest materials* Commercial / Promotional Products - E-books, CD titles, Promotional materials - Electronic dictionaries, Multimedia database

System Requirements: None

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