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Phonotron 1.0.3

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Category: Music Composers

Producer: Phonotron

Size: 4.40 MB

OS: Windows

Price: $30.00

License: Shareware

Phonotron 1 is a powerful, offline editing tool for the creation of vocal lines to add to electronic music compositions in place of trained singing or vocal sample libraries. The key feature of Phonotron 1 is its formant preserving natural pitch shifts. Phonotron 1 offers flexible vocal line creation and manipulation using natural pitch shifts. It allows you to create melodies and apply effects to human voice audio for electronic music composition. Pitch shifting is formant-preserving, giving a very natural sound to edits. Along with the tone, vocal colour or timbre can be changed throughout the voice sample using interactive graphical curves.

Timbre - Color - Formant - Preserving - Pitch