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MuseScore 0.9.3
MuseScore 0.9.3

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Category: Music Composers

Producer: MuseScore

Size: 14.38 MB

OS: Windows

License: Freeware

MuseScore is a free and open source music scorewriter. MuseScore is a WYSIWYG editor, complete with support for score playback and import/export of MusicXML and standard MIDI files. Percussion notation is supported, as is direct printing from the program.The program has a clean user interface, with fast note editing input similar to the step-time note entry found in the popular commercial Scorewriting software packages, Finale and Sibelius.MuseScore is free software, published under the GNU General Public License.MuseScore is able to import and export from many different music formats, including MIDI and MusicXML, as well as the importing of files from the commercial music arranging software, such as Band-in-a-Box. It is able to produce engraved output as a PDF, SVG or PNG document, or alternatively, music can be exported to LilyPond for subsequent tweaking of the output.MuseScore in a nutshell via bullets: 1. Cross Platform (Linux and Windows) and GNU GPL 2. WYSIWYG editing 3. Wizard Setup funtions 4. UNLIMITED number of staves 5. 4 voices (or parts) per staff 6. Easy and fast note entry with mouse, keyboard or MIDI (Note: Windows users, I?ve talked to the people at MuseScore and the MIDI entry will be available very soon!) 7. Import and export Music XML 8. Automatic note head positioning 9. DRUM NOTATION INCLUDED!!! 10. Cross Staff beaming ability 11. Unlimited time and key changes 12. Pickup note measure supported 13. Slur editing 14. Unlimited Lyrics 15. Unlimited Chord names 16. Grace Notes 17. Part extraction 18. Plugins are supported! 19. Midi/XML/PNG Export 20. Mixer function 21. Soundfont capable 22. Partial interpretation of Expressions and repeatshttp://musescore.org

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