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MIDIView 1.1
MIDIView 1.1

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Category: Music Composers

Producer: Loopsoft

Size: 701.44 Kb

OS: Windows

Price: $24.95

License: Shareware

MIDIView is a utility to aid in previewing and printing MIDI files in musical notation.MIDIView is a lightweight and easy-to-use utility for previewing and printing MIDI filesin musical notation. This helps to improve your musical hearing. It's hard to understandsome songs when there's no notation on hand. MIDIView solves this problem, so you canpractice using professional notation, printed or displayed. Thousands of MIDI files canbe downloaded directly from the Web at no charge. The steps are clear: download a MIDIfile, open it in MIDIView and start learning...no matter what instrument you play.MIDIView represents a MIDI file as a list of separate tracks for each instrument whichgreatly simplifies the comprehension of the musical composition.MIDIView also shows you the running notes during playback. Every sounding note issynchronized on the screen. Due to this feature, musical practice for novices can besimplified as much as possible. MIDIView notation is professionally designed and can beeasily used in practice. Now there is no need for expensive song books - simply downloadyour favorite tunes and print them using MIDIView.MIDIView synchronizes both the aural and the visual perceptions to create a completemusical effect. This low-priced software includes a user-friendly and easily adjustableinterface, with a professional look.

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