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FreeMandolinTuner 1.1
FreeMandolinTuner 1.1

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Category: Music Composers

Producer: Neonway

Size: 13.78 MB

OS: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows

License: Freeware

Very easy app to tune the Mandolin.
The app has:
- 10 pitches modes,
- Mode for automatic repeating of the playing sounds,
- Original instrument sound.

10 new pitches modes:
+ Baroque,
+ Scientific,
+ France1859,
+ New Philharmonic,
+ Concert Pitch,
+ Boston Symphony Orchestra,
+ New Berliner Philarmoniker,
+ Old Berliner Philharmoniker,
+ Renaissance

Have a lot of fun making music!!!

This app is super. It looks amazing and sounds awesome. I can totally tune my mandolin with this app. good job. - Wbwarnerb from United States

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