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Church Hymn Tracker 1.0

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Category: Karaoke Software

Producer: Ignyte Software

Size: 229.38 Kb

OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000

Price: $9.00

License: Shareware

typical church hymnal contains hundreds of songs. And many churches also include contemporary, praise and worship, and instrumental music as part of their worship service. This makes if very difficult for the minister of music or worship leader to keep track of what music has been played throughout the year. Church Hymn Tracker is a computer program that allows you to keep up with how often certain music has been played, and which music has not been played in a long time. Church Hymn Tracker will show statistics on your worship services, such as: How many times songs have been played in a given date range. List of the songs that have not been played since a given date. Which songs have been played the most Which songs have been played the least

Church Hymn Tracker - Church Hymn Tracker 1.0 - Tracker 1.0 - Church - Tracker - Hymn - Played - Music - Songs - Karaoke - Audio Multimedia

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