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TouchTrax 2.0

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Category: Audio Players

Producer: TouchTrax

Size: 10.64 MB

OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000

Price: $44.95

License: Shareware

TouchTrax is brought to you by the team that developed The PC Jukebox, another very popular touch screen jukebox. TouchTrax brings you many of the features from The PC Jukebox (with many more to come) as well as some very exciting new ones, including CD ripping with automatic tagging, WMP Visualizations, and an advanced search engine. TouchTrax also loads much more quickly than The PC Jukebox and consumes considerably less system resources, resulting in dramatically improved performance. Easy To Setup, Easier To Use! The greatest feature of TouchTrax is its ease of use. The program will easily search your hard drive for all of your media files and add them to your Music Library. Once that step is completed, you can browse all of your music with a single click or touch of the screen! And the program is completely customizable...any control can be shown or hidden, depending on your own personal preferences. Touch Screen...Optional! While the program was designed specifically for use with a touch screen, it can just as easily be used with a mouse and a keyboard. TouchTrax provides visual feedback of all mouse overs and mouse clicks providing a rich user experience to all of your users.

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