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Sidi 1.1

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Category: Audio Players

Producer: Basta Computing, Inc.

Size: 39.22 MB

OS: Windows

Price: $10.00

License: Shareware

Sidi was created as a practical audio CD player that doesn't waste any precious desktop space. Its simple interface hides a rich set of features including the ability to download information about the CD you are playing from the Internet (CDDB). This way, you don't need to grab the CD box each time to figure out what you are playing or want to play. You can also use Sidi to upload new or updated CD information to the Internet for others to use. Sidi sports a full-featured menu and a handy auto-hide control window that works like the system volume control. No matter how much you use your CD-ROM drive to listen to music, you ought to give Sidi a try. Here are some key features of "Sidi": - Doesn't waste any precious desktop space. - Handy auto-hide control window and menu access. - Downloads CD information from the Internet including track titles. - Uploads new or updated CD information to the Internet. - Certified Escient(R) CDDB(TM) compatible. - Compatible with the Microsoft CD Player accessory. - Exports CD information in user-defined formats. - Switches CD-ROM drives on the fly. - Lives discretely in the system tray. - For Windows 95, 98, Me, NT4.0, 2000, XP, or later.