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NotifyTunes 2.0

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Category: Audio Players

Producer: KVR Software

Size: 518.14 Kb

OS: Windows XP, Windows NT, Windows 98, Windows 2000

License: Freeware

NotifyTunes is a Windows based system tray utility application that is designed to display - in a compact format - the currently playing track within iTunes. Handy if you (like me), tend to have iTunes playing in the background or minimised whilst doing something else on your PC. Yes, finally I have updated NotifyTunes to version 2.0. This version has a few tweaks, a new visual style and a couple of new features that will hopefully improve your iTunes experience. Features New Look n Feel - The popup window, notification messages and system tray icon have been updated with a more appealing visual style. Track Information Display - NotifyTunes displays a compact pop-up window (see screenshot), whenever iTunes changes the currently playing audio track. This window displays the current track information - Title, Artist, Album, Year, Rating and Cover Art (if available). It even displays the currently active playlist. If you miss the pop-up window or forget the track details - dont worry. You can double click on the NotifyTunes icon, or right click it and select Now Playing... from the menu to force the pop-up window to display the current track information again. System-wide Shortcuts - New in version 2.0, NotifyTunes now supports User configurable system-wide shortcuts allowing you to control iTunes with simple keyboard combinations whilst using other applications. The following shortcuts are available: Runs in the System Tray - NotifyTunes resides in the System Tray - out of the way - only activating when iTunes is also running. Track Ratings - NotifyTunes lets you change the star rating of the current track without having to directly interact with iTunes. Just click on the stars and the track inforamtion in iTunes is immediately updated. Automatic Update Check - NotifyTunes will periodically check the web for newer versions of itself. The System Tray icon will let you know when an update is available.

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