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MarksMan 1.0.1

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Category: Audio Players

Producer: Rightword Enterprises

Size: 403.46 Kb

OS: Windows

Price: $12.00

License: Shareware

MarksMan is a tool for iPod users who enjoy listening to audiobooks (I'm very definitely one of them!)One of the common complaints of such users is the fact that the iPod often seems to lose bookmarks in audio books, and there is no easy way to back up old bookmarks, nor a way to create arbitrary bookmarks (for example, at certain chapters, or places in the audio you want to go back to later for review). I wrote MarksMan so that iPod users could take charge of all of this.* list all bookmark-able files currently on the iPod * for each such file, show the current bookmark time if there is one * allow you to change the bookmark time to any time you like * store past bookmarks (saves current marks each time you run it) * save named bookmarks for a particular file (eg "Chapter 1") * print out all bookmark data * creates a 'human readable' file in the iPod Notes folder showing current and saved bookmarks(so you can check bookmark times while away from your computer) * import and export saved bookmarks (eg for named chapter lists) * safely preserve your current bookmark while reviewing earlier parts of the book * even remove the book files from the iPod, or reformat the iPod, knowing that you can still recover your reading point * estimate a bookmark time based on a page number in the printed book, or vice-versa

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