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Category: Audio Players

Producer: Sukhjinder

Size: 1.92 MB

OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista Starter, Windows Vista, Windows NT 4.x, Windows 98, Windows 2003, Windows 2000

License: Freeware

LetsYo is a Windows based Media Player designed for Home Theater PCs and can also be controlled from a distance using a Remote Control (People with TV Tuner Cards have Remote Controls shipped with their units or you can buy a separate unit) other than keyboard and mouse. It supports basic Playback/Playlist Management features along with a File Browser and Media Library. Its looks/behaviour can be customised to a great degree by editing settings. People who want to watch videos on their HTPCs will find LetsYo extremely useful. LetsYo is written in C# and requires Microsoft .NET 2.0 and DirectX 9 (or higher) to run. Please make sure you have the latest required software. LetsYo is still in Alpha Development Stage and available as a Proof of Concept so if you find any bugs, nags, suggestions then please contact me

System Requirements: .NET, DirectX9