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Jay Brain 1.2

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Category: Audio Players

Producer: Liviu Holhos

Size: 1.37 MB

OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows NT, Windows Millennium, Windows 98, Windows 2003, Windows 2000

License: Freeware

This freeware application has a unique pluggable system based on the neuronal idea that the core of the application, called "brain", has its functionality extended by the so called "cells" and "tissues". Interface can be changed to match users visual preferences with skins. It is made simple and intuitive. All the important features are available by windows controls or main popup menu. Frames are placed inside the same window to give a compact look and to avoid confusion. Features: The application has a simple-to-use playlist editor that auto-saves changes made to it. It supports shell drag-and-drop, enqueue-ing and adding local files, but also online streams. The player can associate file extensions in order to open them when you double click an audio file in the shell. Its all fast, simple and easy to use. You have the great possibility of displaying a songs lyrics automatically without searching for it on the internet. You can even edit the lyrics and save them on a webserver so that next time you wont have to search for it again. With its powerfull audio effects you can change the way your favorite tunes blaze out your speakers. You can change the songs tempo, the pitch or add an echo effect. And these are only a few examples. Its smooth and sounds great. This application is open source and it is absolutly free to non-commercial use. I hope you enjoy my work, use this player and recommend it to your friends.

Jay Brain 1.2 - Jay Brain - Brain - Jay - Audio - Freeware - 1.2 - Application - Audio Players - Audio Multimedia

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