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Volcon 1.1
Volcon 1.1

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Category: Audio Mixers

Producer: Axorit.com

Size: 1.05 MB

OS: Windows, WinNT 4.x

Price: $9.45

License: Shareware

VolconTM (Volume control) is handy system tray application that allows to control volume of computer's sounds by means of keyboard shortcuts. The main reason why the Volcon was created is the lack of fast and easy (standard) way of master volume adjustment. Especially useful Volcon can be during playing computer games, when there is no time for searching the sound settings. As mentioned earlier, Volcon allows to control master volume by means of so-called "hot keys". A hot key is a combination of keys on a computer keyboard that, when pressed at one time, performs some action. Hot keys are always accessible regardless of what application is active at this moment. Therefore, Volcon allows you to quickly set volume at any moment, using simple combination of keys.

Main Volcon features are:
* Smooth volume control.
* Setting volume by single press of hot key.
* Sound muting.
* Volume level display.
* Hot key customization.
* Autorun when Windows Starts.

Volume Control - Master Volume - Volume Level Display - Sound Muting - Volume Adjustment