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Category: Audio Management

Producer: MP3Toys

Size: 4.18 MB

OS: Windows XP, Windows Millennium, Windows 2000

Price: $19.95

License: Shareware

mp3Toys is a unique music player and music management application. It groups all your songs into albums, whether they have been organized as albums before or not. It will retrieve album art and Lyrics automatically from the Internet. Additionally, you can drop artist images and internet links for albums and artists. MP3Toys is as easy to handle as a traditional LP/CD collection but it adds the power and flexibility of a dedicated music database and enriches the experience with content automatically downloaded from the internet Main Features Album oriented interface built for ease of use and extensibility Comfortable automatic download of album art and lyrics Powerful database with support for thousands of albums and live file tracking Fast search engine and sophisticated album filters for quick navigation Plays MP3, WMA, OGG, FLAC and M4A files Advanced audio controls: equalizer, gapless playback, crossfading and auto-gain. Many playback modes (album, artist, playlist, album shuffle, similar, ...) Comprehensive playback control (windows wide hotkeys, mini player, tray, remote) Flexible interface to external applications like players, rippers and burn programs Tag Editor with automatic file identification included Built in support for last.fm music service and CD-Art display software

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