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AudioRenamer 4.20

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Category: Audio Management

Producer: DeltaSoft Computing Inc.

Size: 1.28 MB

OS: Windows XP, Windows NT, Windows Millennium, Windows 98, Windows 2000

Price: $9.00

License: Shareware

Audio Renamer is a friendly and easy-to-use batch audio renamer MP3 and WMA files according to their MP3 or WMA ID3 Tags or external playlist information. Well known playlist (M3U files) are supported widely by Audio Renamer. You can read, use for renaming music files, edit, correct old-bad-formatted and write (or create a new) playlist file for any selected musical collection. Audio Renamer reads and appends all accessable valid information from old playlist to a new playlist file. So you will never lose existed playlist data after it replaced by the new information! Audio Renamer has two special bars: ID3 Tags bar and Playlist bar with chain of ComboBoxes to design on-fly your own renaming tracks rules. The Playlist bar becames active automaticaly when Audio Renamer found out a valid playlist file in the opened musical collection folder or can be activated by Open Playlist command. The both bars have similar ComboBoxes set with internal defined and user defined fields/attributes stored between the application sessions. You can read and edit MP3 and WMA ID3 Tags information and other useful properties of selected files in Audio Properties dialog. If some playlist file information was accessible for selected files a special section Playlist information appears in the dialog. Imagine you have a large music collection of MP3 and WMA files but some of your favorite albums look like at the picture above. Yes! You can see the Tracks, faceless numbers only and nothing more instead of lovely titles or artist names! In spite of that some smart players like WinAmp or MediaPlayer are able to show almost full track information. They can read well known ID3 Tags data from MP3 and WMA files. It would be interesting to play with the hidden MP3 and WMA ID3 Tags data for renaming files of the whole album using batch operation for all tracks with a chosen naming template.

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