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HighC 2.2

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Category: Audio Composition

Producer: Thomas Baudel

Size: 2.72 MB

OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista

Price: $29.99

License: Shareware

HighC is a graphical music creation tool. It is a synthesizer, a sequencer and a mixer. Its goal is to make music composition as simple and direct as sketching. An entertaining and educational toolOCZ No music experience needed: create stunning soundscapes and crazy ringtones in a matter of minutes. Learn acoustics, music theory and audio synthesis with a gentle, graphic approach. Even children learn and have fun. For simple learning or fun usage, its free! that meets demanding professional needs Master advanced synthesis techniques: FM, ring mod, additive, granular, and much more. No complex dashboards of knobs, dials and connectors with unpredictable effects. No programming. Just draw to unleash your creativity! Only 29.99E for its full feature set. HighC uses only the simplest GUI techniques: draw notes, envelopes and wave shapes; move and resize sounds; copy and paste to create effects; group sounds into rhythms or patterns; repeat your groupings to create an harmonic line; link your sounds to one another to create modulations... Its simple, its powerful!

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