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GuitarFreak Workstation with SightReader 1.0.0

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Category: Audio Composition

Producer: Sean Clancy Enterprises

Size: 19.91 MB

OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista

Price: $60.00

License: Shareware

SightReader Master Extreme is the newest version of SightReader Master... Choose your level of sightreading with notes on fretboard selection and rhythms. Learn to read 4 bars ahead. The only sight-reading software for Guitar and Bass (4,5 and 6 string). Upgrade to Guitar Freak Workstation and you get revolutionary new features like 4 methods of perfect pitch training, chords and scales, relative pitch, 15 voicings of every chord and scale, See and hear which scales go over which chord and vice versa. Included is the Invertor which shows and plays any fretboard shape you can think of in every inversion over every chord or scale, an advanced metronome which trains to play every chord, scale or lick in 12 keys, a progression creator and trainer to help to solo over changes youve made - add new chords and scales, create worksheets from every graphic in the software and print and save them (great for teachers)

SightReader - Guitar Freak Workstation - GuitarFreak Workstation - GuitarFreak Workstation SightReader 1.0.0 - GuitarFreak - Guitar Freak Workstation SightReader Master Extreme - Relative Pitch - Perfect Pitch - Guitar Freak - Workstation - Pitch - Guitar - Scales - Master - Chords - Sight-Read

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