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Peavey PV115 2-Way PA Enclosure (1x15 in.)

Peavey PV115 2-Way PA Enclosure (1x15 in.)

Peavey PV115 2-Way PA Enclosure (1x15 in.)
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- Category: Live Sound/PA

-- Subcategory: 15-Inch Main PA Speakers

Producer: Peavey

Price: $219.95

Peavey proudly introduces new additions to its long-running PV Series, including mixers, equalizers, crossovers, loudspeakers and cables. The PV Series has long been the benchmark of performance and value in audio, and the new PV products live up to this legacy.

Customer Review:

Pretty basic

at this price and power level there,s none better.

probably the best bang for the buck out there

has a pretty nice look,i wish the outer material wasnt carpet harder to keep clean.

In general this speaker is about average mabye a little more,but for this price it;s the best there is. it sounds better than EV iforce series speakers which cost just under $100 more. it,s metokre for a full range speaker. but running it as part of a biamped system for highs and mids. it mor than gets the job done.

never had any need for support with any peavey product

Ill probaly use these for tops until i can afford sp3;s then ill probaly use them for monitors. only getting difrent tops so i can run more power

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