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Gator Deluxe 19 Inch Rack Case

Gator Deluxe 19 Inch Rack Case

Gator Deluxe 19 Inch Rack Case
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- Category: Live Sound/PA

-- Subcategory: Portable Rack Cases

Producer: Gator

Price: $109.95

Gator's deluxe rack cases are molded from incredibly durable high-density military grade Polyethylene. This lightweight yet super-strong material ensures maximum protection at a weight you can easily handle.

Customer Review:

Has everything I want. Stackable, portable, light, durable, lock, double-sided opening... etc. However, the product COULD have had more features for the price. They could also include more screws with washers!

Well made, but the left-side of the rack mount strips are tight for the screws to mount the units you wish to install. This was the biggest issue.

Not worth the price since all it consists of is empty space, some metal and plastic.

Practicle addition to my setup. Since it is such a deep item and the lids are very annoying, I will probably exchange it for a hard case with zip-lids and soft covering. I thought the case would be easier to use... no dice.



It does what it is supposed to do, but not very easy to use... read above to find out why. The tight left-mount was the biggest issue. You don't want to risk ruining the case or your precious units when screwing things in!! I will more than likely be looking for another case.

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