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Ebtech HUMX Voltage Hum Filter

Ebtech HUMX Voltage Hum Filter

Ebtech HUMX Voltage Hum Filter
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- Category: Live Sound/PA

-- Subcategory: Hum Eliminators

Producer: Ebtech

Price: $59.95

The Hum X filters out unwanted voltage and current in the ground line that cause ground loop hum while simultaneously maintaining a solid, safe ground.

Customer Review:


so far, so solid,

yes, it may seem expensive for what it looks like, but i don't have the option of hiring a competent electrician to wire my apartment properly. i've bought three of these, and they're worth every penny. it's hard to put a dollar amount on clean sound.

it's simple, practical and works flawlessly. if you need it, you should have it, period.

the humx has killed every ground hum i've thrown at it, and my little apartment/bedroom studio is the lousiest-wired place i've ever called home.


my only gripe is the form factor. it takes up two spaces in a rack-mounted power conditioner a la a furman rack rider.

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