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Kunst der Fuge | Franz Schubert Biography, picture, MIDI files, and WMA/MP3 files.

The Paul Hindemith page on List of contrapuntal works and some MIDI files.
Kunst der Fuge | Muzio Clementi List of canons and fugues, short biography, portrait.
Johann Georg Albrechtsberger's Music MIDI files and list of fugues written by the composer from ''
The Girolamo Frescobaldi's organ Missas The complete 'Fiori Musicali' played live on MIDI. It is necessary to request a free password.
Kunst der Fuge: Liszt page Free MIDI files of the fuguistic compositions.
Kunst der Fuge | Luciano Berio Short biography by Alessandro Simonetto, links to music.
Boëly, Alexandre-P.-F. Portrait and partial list of organ works from On Classical/Kunst der Fuge.
Kunst der Fuge: Joseph Haydn Includes MIDI files of 17 symphonies and several chamber works.
Johann Nepomuk David List of fugues and MIDI files. The latest news, reviews and record releases from the indie-rock and experimental music world.
ON CLASSICAL: Isaac Albeniz biography Brief biography by Alessandro Simonetto, links to Albeniz' music (audio samples).
Max Reger's Fugues on 'Kunst der Fuge' Complete list of fugues and real performance on MIDI files.
Kunst der Fuge | Arnold Schoenberg Short biography and links to audio files (mostly in MIDI format).
Ferruccio Busoni's MIDI Files List of fugues and related pieces, many with audio from Kunst der Fuge.
CLUAS Stream or download songs by unsigned acts for free (ASF, ASX, WMA, MP3 & M3U formats). Also music and cinema reviews and fortnightly email newsletter.
Johannes Brahms List of works, biography, and free MIDI audio files from On Classical/Kunst der Fuge.
Kunst der Fuge | Alexander Scriabin Biography, picture, MIDI files, and WMA and MP3 files.
KUNST DER FUGE. Händel page. Free and complete MIDI files of the fuguistic compositions, 'Messiah' included.
Kunst der Fuge | Claude Debussy Complete collection of piano music in MIDI files (free downloadable with no download limits), and WMA/MP3 files from featured Artists.
Pachelbel, Johann MIDI audio of fugues, ricercares, and other works including the Canon in D with link to the 95 "Kompositionen" or Magnificat Fugues. From On Classical/Kunst der Fuge.
Regarding Angels Information and sample music (.wma format) of this band based in Illinois.
Charles Alkan MIDI audio files including Douze Études, dans les tons majeurs, Douze Etudes dans le tons mineurs, Esquisses, and Trois grandes Etudes pour le piano, plus portrait. From Kunst der Fuge.
Kunst der Fuge | Camille Saint-Saëns Biography, MIDI files, WMA/MP3 files, and list of fugues written.
Kunst der Fuge | Michael Maier The 'Atalanta Fugiens' and Two Canons 'Rosacruz' in MIDI files; two images.
Kunst der Fuge | D. Buxtehude MIDI files Real performance recorded on MIDI files and MIDI sequences on organ and keyboard music.
Songwriters Hall of Fame Biography, photograph, discography, audio clips in WMA and MP3, and recommended recordings.
Kunst der Fuge | Robert A. Schumann Biography, picture, MIDI files, and WMA/MP3 files. Also music by Clara Schumann (Clara Wieck).
Women of Note: Manconchy Biographical sketch and comments on several of her works performed by Ambache. Includes WMA audio sample and links.
Stuart Dempster brief biography with MP3 and WMA audio files of Didjerilayover and Morning Light from The Cistern Chapel album.


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