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Ternovec, Marco Maker of renaissance and baroque viola da gamba, lirone, lira da braccio, and violone. Information on the maker, catalog, and links.

Joelle Morton Joelle Morton's homepage, detailing the use of historical bowed bass instruments, including the violone, great bass viol, viola da gamba and period double basses of all kinds.
Joelle Morton's Historical Bass Website Viola da gamba, violone, double bass and performance practices.
Federation of Viola da Gamba Societies Information and resources, directory of societies and membership, luthier listings, collection of treatises, history and paintings.
Joëlle Morton's Historical Bass The history of bass string instruments such as the viola da gamba, violone, and double bass, along with their performance practices and iconography.
Merion David Attwood I first started instrument making when I was 15 , making a viola for myself, taught by the violin maker Rowan Armour-Brown. In 1988 I went to West Dean College where I studied the making of early bowed instruments for 4 years. The course at West...
Crothers, Scott Upright bass player. Photos, instrument details, profile and MP3s.
Luthier Resources - Leif Louis Luscombe Includes 'Violin Making and Restoration Forum', 'Varnish Recipes' and 'Varnish Glossary' pages, along with brief illustrated article about setting soundposts by the violin maker and restorer in Ontario, Canada. Set a Sound Post violin maker and...
George Stevens Maker of handcrafted instruments such as lutes, historical harps, guitars, citterns and gitterns. Includes maker biography and details about wood used.
Violin Network This is the Best place where you can communicate with violinist, celloist, bassist, violin maker, cello maker,bass maker and violin teachers. Various statistics about your Violin network can be displayed here. This provides a convenient way to...
Paul McNulty, Fortepiano Maker. Historical fortepiano maker. Catalogue of instruments, discography and reviews.
Anthony Lane Violin Maker Handmade violins, violas and cellos; restoration of fine older instruments; consultation and appraisals. Photos and information about maker's instruments, clients and background. (Petaluma, CA) Charlie Ogle's handmade and imported violas da gamba, viol strings, bows, and accessories.
Mixx Maker Mixx Maker lets you create 'Mixxs', digital mixtapes that you make with your friends. Set a theme, add some music, and ask your friends to add some too. You'll love what you hear.
Violin Maker Identification A computer generated Violin Proportional Analysis Report that claims to suggest the likely violin maker from a photograph.
Freymadl, Sebastian Maker of new violins. Includes photos and contact details. Located in Cremona, Italy.
Will, Byron John Maker of classical harpsichords and clavichords since 1975.
Marais, Marin Brief biography focusing on his playing and writing for the bass viol from the Grove Concise Dictionary of Music entry at WQXR radio.
Classical Guitars Greek luthier, Koutsialis Charalambos. Explores the mathematics and choice of woods involved in guitar-making.
Chris Johnson Chris Johnson is an English violin maker who specialises in making individual instruments. His work includes modern, classical and baroque forms, as well as exact copies of particular instruments. His book, 'The Art of Violin Making', is a...
Thurmond Knight, Violin Maker Handmade violins, violas and cellos in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom. Information on the maker, his instruments, and performers.
Abel, Carl Friedrich Grove Concise Dictionary of Music entry at WQXR radio focusing on his collaboration with J. C. Bach and his bass viol playing and composing.
Ken Altman / Bow Maker Oregon based maker of high-end hand crafted bows for violin, viola, cello and bass offers bows sent on approval.
K.C. Strings Violin Shop Violin, viola, cello and contrabass makers. (St. Louis & Springfield Missouri)
Thames Classical Guitars Classical and flamenco guitars
Raymonde The London-based band Raymonde lead by James Maker, ex-member of the Smiths. Lyrics, MP3s, articles, reviews, message forum, and links.
Michael Klein - Violin Maker Violin, viola and cello maker in Murphy, Oregon. Background and contact info.
Carlo Nicolo Loso Maker and dealer of violins, violas, cellos, and basses. (Ottawa, Canada)
William Bartruff, Violin Maker in Minneapolis Reproductions of 17th and 18th century violins, violas and cellos offered for sale online.
Neupert, J.C. - Historical Keyboard Maker Maker of Harpsichords, Spinets, Fortepianos, and Clavichords in Bamberg, Germany, founded in 1868.


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