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CD trading Trade used CDs gathering dust for music you can't wait to listen to- for just $1. Start trading today with our active community of music lovers. Create a CD wishlist from thousands of great albums.

Mollterz Independent label specializing in organ music CDs.
Big Star Productions CD/CS/vinyl replication, printing, packaging, and artwork for the independent musician.
Svetlanov, Evgeny (1928-2002), Moscow, Russia. Biography, CDs of his compositions, and CDs on which he conducts.
Gerry's CD Treasure House About 200 CDs, indexed by artist.
Mario Nascimbene biography focusing on his move from Italy to Hollywood and his time spent composing for American movies. Includes links for buying and selling used CDs. Carries independent artist CDs and has five MP3 clips per artist. CDs are available through secured server and artists get most of the purchase price.
Boogaloo Records UK label specializing in northern and sixties Soul on CD and reissue vinyl. Catalog, ordering information, and links.
Recommended CDs Manabu Tsuribe reviews and grades CDs in various genres with narrative and a two dot rating system. The site is in English and Japanese.
Nightmare Records Specializing in melodic metal abandoned by the majors from the late 80's and early 90's. Melodic/Progress/Power from the unknown to the famous available online.
Sell Those CDs Buying used music CDs.
Blake's Synthpop Page Contaings alphabetical listings of over 3,200 CDs. Includes FAQ, CD trade list, featured artists, new CDs and Kon Kan discography.
Liszt Digital Picture, reviews, upcoming releases, upcoming events, and about us.
Rare Beatles Album covers, song lists, and information on rare Beatles CDs, demos, unreleased songs, concerts, and solo recordings. Offers a trade list.
Baroque Music Club Features a specialist Bach and Baroque Music CDs Catalog, over 60 titles featuring the major baroque composers.
Cantoris Records Hymns, choral and organ music specially produced for churches, hospitals, and crematoria.
Didgeridoo music CDs and DVD Online shop for didgeridoo music from Australian and international artists - CDs and DVD
MusicScape Promotional service for artists and labels. Musical categories include: Dance, Hip Hop, Rock and World.
Care and Handling of CDs and DVDs: A Guide for Librarians and Archivists Report describes how optical discs are made and how they work, then distills current industry knowledge about disc longevity, conditions that affect life expectancy, and how to care for optical media.
Classical CD Review A large site of reviews of CDs written by professionals, with photos of CDs, knowledgeable reviews, plus feature articles and stories related to music and recordings.
Cash For CDs Offers cash for used CDs and DVDs from the USA and Canada.
Daly, Claire Features reviews, sound bites, CDs, itinerary, projects, and biography for baritone saxophonist.
HeckNo Records Publishes original Jazz/Rock releases and provides digital recording services in the South Jersey, Delaware, and Philadelphia areas. Includes audio samples and contact information.
Harper, Billy Features reviews, sound bites, itinerary, fan club, biography, photo gallery, CDs, and merchandise for sale for the saxophonist.
Hollcraft Studios Specialices in Classical. Services include digital 8-track recording, editing, and mastering. Also offers graphic design, CD replication, and packaging.
Artist Choice CD Nashville, Tennessee, USA Roots, Country, Latin, and World label. Artists include Lucy Mongrel, George McClure, and Ramona Monique. MP3s, news, and CDs.
McKenzie, Greg Features reviews, sound bites, itinerary, biography, and cds for this pianist.
Cochrane, Michael Features reviews, sound bites, cds, itinerary, projects, and biography for this pianist.
Steele, Jeffry Hamilton Performer and composer. CDs, audio samples, and sheet music.
Repairing Scratched CDs Article on repairing scratched and warped CDs, by Don Cherry of Cybergrass.


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