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Effectrode Design and produce custom pedals based on tube technology; product details, FAQ and contact information.

China tube guitar amp and effect pedal manufacturer KLD Guitar is a technical company, founded in 2001. Our products range includes all tube guitar amps (Class A tube amp and affordable Classic tube Amps), effect pedal, attenuator, assembled kits of tube guitar amp. All our amplifiers have passed...
Hoffman Amplifiers Tube amp parts, tube amplifier building supplies, books/videos about tube amps.
Electrosonic Amplifiers Builds custom all-tube guitar amplifiers. Information about products and services to musicians.
Amp Tone Information about distortion voicing, effects placement, and cranked-tube-amp tone at any volume.
Gerhart Amplification Handmade tube guitar amps and kits.
Specimen Products Makes custom guitars and basses from exotic materials, aluminum, and traditional hardwoods. Chicago, Illinois.
Sommatone Guitar and Tube Amp Repair Guitar, tube amp repair and boutique amplification. Located in Somerville, NJ. Guitar and amp repairs with a musicians perspective. Site features repairs, modifications and custom building details.
Grail Tone A database of tone settings for a variety of amps and effects; also has articles, reviews and a forum about Mesa Boogie amps.
Metasonix Makers of vacuum tube music synthesis, including the Phattytron and Hellfire Modulator
Metaltronix Amplifiers Information on Metaltronix amplifiers including manuals, settings, schematics, history, ads, and message board.
Aiken Amplification Manufacturer of tube guitar amps and attenuaters. In-depth technical database.
Barber Electronics Produce hand-made guitar effects pedals. Information on products, reviews, audio samples, and dealer listing.
Rotund Rascal Established in 1979 by session musician, Dave Pearlman. The studio features advanced digital recording technology. Based in California, USA.
Ibanez Tube Screamers Tons of Information about the Ibanez Tube Screamer effects pedal, mods, sound samples, reviews, and more.
Matamp Amplifiers Green Amps: tube and valve amplifiers from the original manufacturer of Orange Guitar and Bass amps.
Mobile Guitar Support Guitar repairs and modifications done in their shop or they can come to you. Shop has 20 years of experience and offers repair apprenticeships, online information and warranty repair services for several manufacturers. Located in Milford, MA.
Digitech Manufacturer of guitar electronics; includes product details, on-line manuals, FAQ and news.
Hughes and Kettner Product specifications and detailed descriptions, as well as an image gallery. Also features an artist list, dealer information, and downloadable user manuals. Available in English and Dutch.
Tone King Amplifier Company Manufacturer of vacuum-tube guitar amplifiers.
Kendrick Amplifiers Manufacturer of tube amps, guitars, and related accessories. Parts, repairs and restoration of vintage tube amps. Site features a demo room with MP3 clips, a company history section, and ordering information.
Blackstone Appliances Handcrafted guitar distortion devices; includes reviews, specifications, mp3s, and ordering details.
Skip Simmons Amp Repair Repair and restoration of vintage guitar amps, harp amps, and studio equipment. Skip Simmons has a national reputation as a vintage amp specialist. Site contains photos of vintage amps and amp repair articles. Serving vintage amp owners nationwide.
Guitar AMplifier Repair on the North SHore Guitar/Bass amplifier repair. New, old or vintage. Tube or solid state. 30 years experience, serving north of Boston and the world. All types all brands. Most jobs completed within one week.
G2D Guitar Pedals Handmade guitar pedals designed for blues, country, jazz, pop, rock, and metal from New Zealand.
The Nissen Oboe Tube Enhanced version of the cork staple, which provides better stability and presence to any oboist.
Flat Stone Amplifiers Manufactures custom, hand-built tube guitar amplifiers. Includes specifications, company history, and contact details.
Duncan's Amp This is an internet resource for those interested in guitar amplifiers, vacuum tubes, and design tools such as SPICE modeling.
Salwender International US distribution for Bogart Basses, Human Basses, Bassline, Diezel Guitar Amplification, Stoll Guitars, Tech Soundsystems, Teuffel Guitars, Tommy's Guitars, Fullers und Schlagwerk. Resource center for fans of their electric guitars and effects.


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