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IOTech Analog synthesizer repair center in Norway. Also has information about filters on various synths and modifications to the Roland MKS-30

Synthesis Technology Manufacturer of MOTM analog modular synthesizer. Also synthesizer repair and CEM and Kenton sales.
Analog Industries Drum and synthesizer loops in WAV format, free to download, accepts Paypal donations.
Korg Wavestation Information Korg Wavestation synthesizer; EX, AD and SR. Information on latest ROM revisions, programming tips, sounds, editors, and links.
The Unofficial Serge Page Background on the designer of the noted synthesizer and the instrument itself.
ManyMIDI Organized and alphabetized synthesizer patch libraries.
Korg MicroKorg Synthesizer with integrated 8-band vocoder and microphone.
Access Music Electronics Makers of the access-music virus synthesizer - a virtual analog synthesizer
Native Instruments Vokator High-resolution commercial VST plugin and standalone application for Windows and Macintosh. Also has synthesizer functions utilizing fast fourier transformations (FFT).
Kurzweil Synthesizer Resources Resources for users of Kurzweil synthesizers and samplers.
Synth'r'us Original analog synthesizer schematics.
Seiler, Peter Synthesizer musician and composer. Includes biography, discography, sound files, and CD information.
Fenix Makers of the analog Fenix Modular Synthesizer
Lantos Music - Free synthesizer music Synthesizer music - Progressive compositions and arrangements of beautiful classical music. This is the site of Bela Lantos, an Information Technology professional and musician living in Australia. I produce synthesizer music – either...
Super JX-10 & MKS-70 Synthesizer Patches Patches of M-64C cartridge data, including factory and alternative presets.
Rhodes Chroma Resources for the vintage analog synthesizer. Includes history, documentation, instrument registry, mailing list, Polaris information and software patches.
Erp, Michiel van Musician and composer of synthesizer music. Site includes biography, reviews and MP3s.
Vic Twenty UK synthesizer band. News, audio clips, lyrics, show dates, and merchandise.
Pro-Rec Synthesizer patches, sample CD-ROMs, and disks for most modern synthesizers and samplers.
MoogArchives A personal collection of rare and obscure photos, documentation, and memorabilia from the R. A. Moog Company and its succeeding companies.
Synthesizer Projects Analog synthesizer DIY projects and modifications to vintage synthesizers.
Alesis Synthesizer Resources The QuadraSynth Pages at MidiWorld. Resources, support, file downloads, sounds, programs, for all Alesis synths. User Forum and Mailing List, FAQ and tutorials, it's all there.
The Unofficial Independent Yamaha QS300 Resources Site Everything for the Yamaha QS300 synthesizer and XG, MIDI and music. Free downloads of voices, patterns, styles, programs and information related to the Yamaha QS300. Songs and cassified ads.
Kraftwerk - The Early Years 1968 - 1973 Detailed history of the early years of Kraftwerk's existence. Includes biographies of the members, descriptions of the early albums, and a discussion of the Minimoog synthesizer.
RE: Music licensing artist ThirdTemple Raphael Cohen, Producer of ThirdTemple was raised on electronic music for a big part of his life. "I was influenced by the New Wave bands of the 1980's like New Order and synthesizer bands like Kraftwerk, OMD, Yello, The Beastie Boys, Chemical...
Jörg Schmitz Analog Synthesizers German engineer offers schematics and turorials for a variety of analog synthesizers, with pictures of do-it-yourself models he has assembled, and linkes on microcontrollers and audio music technology.
Modcan Modular Synthesizers Modcan Synthesizers produces a wide range of analogue synthesizer modules for the electronic musician and sound designer.
Botielus Original synthesizer instrumentals on MP3, CD, and cassette. If you like Mike Oldfield, Vangelis, Yanni, or Jean Michel Jarre, you will like Botielus.
Encore Electronics Analog synthesizer products: MIDI-CV Converters and MIDI Retrofits.
Keith Emerson Official site includes biography, autobiography, Tech Talk, Emo Gear, and photographs.


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