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The Jaanz School of Singing The Jaanz School of Singing. Various locations in Australia. Emotion Centred Singing with a focus on performance, as well as image, style, and attitude.

Blues In The Schools A fundraising non-profit organization which brings blues history and education to the schools. The website features a president's message, officers' information and a mailing subscriber.
Music Education In Schools Music in schools and quality school music programs has been Musica Viva's passion since 1981. In 2013, we're thrilled to once again bring high quality live music to schools right across the country.
Music at Rendcomb Solo singing course; coaching sessions, voice clinics.
Introducing Vocal Singing Tips Singing is something very special and powerful. Those who take their passion for singing and turn it into a real strength are destined for an extraordinary life.
Vocal Technique I have been singing for as long as I can remember. As loud as I can remember. And as high as I can remember. I needed to make every sound I ever heard any other singer make. From my boy-soprano days of singing "The Sound Of Music" ( a big favorite...
Intune Music School - Singing Lessons, Songwriting Courses InTune Music School LLP (ITMS) was founded by like-minded musicians who believe in providing high-quality music education programmes to those who are looking to further their musical interests, and perhaps pursue a lifelong career in this field.
Istituto Europeo International Singing Competition Florence, Italy-based competition reserved exclusively for non-Italian singers.
BH-Singing Berkshire-Hudson Singing is a clearinghouse for all who are interested in group singing in our geographic area of Upstate New York and adjacent New England. While choral music is the prime focus, all forms including barbershopare welcome.
Streitwieser, Susan California-based singer/songwriter. Discography, biography and tour dates.
How to Sing with Singing Success Brett Manning began formulating his program over 10 years ago. Since then it has become the method by which all others are measured. Watch the video and see for yourself why so many people choose to work with our Amazing vocal program and discover...
The Voice Teacher The David Jones Teacher Mentoring Program was established in London in 2008 to offer teachers and singers information regarding the Swedish-Italian and Italian Singing Schools. The purpose of the seminar series is to offer teachers the opportunity...
SINGING LESSONS for ALL AGES. Learn to SingSMART and you can SING ANYTHING! Many singing methods and vocal trainers provide information to you little bits at a time. Some relying a great deal on your own personal discovery through mimickry of their singing. As a young training singer I finally figured out that meant, "Do...
Georgina Hill-Brown Vocal Tutor Vocal tutor based in Swinton, Manchester. Singing lessons for beginners to advanced, all styles.
Dwayne's Singing Page Singing tips, books on singing, vibrato, and how to sing, as well as vocal technique.
Dwayne's Singing Page Singing tips, books on singing, vibrato, and how to sing, as well as vocal technique.
Singing Lessons Vocal Lessons Free Online Singing Demonstration Singing lessons should never hurt your voice, or feel unnatural in anyway. Proper singing lessons takes you gradually in a safe and natural way to building a strong singing voice without any injury or strain, literally improving your singing voice...
Music for Young Children Instruction in keyboard, singing, solfege, rhythm, ear training, sight reading, theory, history, and composing for children to age 11 at schools in North America, Asia and Oceania, Teacher list.
The Singing Studio Sydney based studio teaching contemporary singing techniques for students of all ages and abilities. Private lessons and group workshops available.
Walters, David Professional solo and chamber recital flutist, music lecturer and consultant for Miami-Dade County Schools and Broward County Schools in South Florida.
Singing Bowls Manufacturer and wholesaler of singing bowls from Nepal and Tibet. Also bell dorje, bajra ghanti, cymbals, tingshaws and bhushaws. Based in Nepal.
Southern California Percussion Alliance Supports Winter Guard International (WGI) indoor percussion contests. Participants include Middle Schools, High Schools, College and Independent groups.
Vocaltutor Vocaltutor is NOT just another database of singing teachers. Vocaltutor is a highly respected network of qualified voice and singing experts based throughout the UK. Vocaltutor has developed a unique teaching method that trains all aspects of the...
Vocal Singing Lessons My singing goes back to the 1970s. I played drums (and sang) in what was known then as a Top 40 band, meaning that we played songs from many genres that were popular at that time.
Harmony Road Music Course Instruction method for children ages 2 to 11 available at schools in many US states. Curriculum, locations.
Enjoyable Singing Lessons Singing lessons with a pro singer of over 9 years experience. Lessons conducted in a professional recording studio.
Brighton Singing Teacher - Peter Evans Singing teacher offers a choice of individual or group classes.
Singing Voice Lessons Online or Vocal Coaching with Jeannie Deva Jeannie Deva is a renowned celebrity vocal coach who has developed a highly effective approach for contemporary singers which helps them sing passionately without the risk of vocal blow-out. The Deva Method is a natural approach to singing based...
Magno Vocal Dynamics Introduces new concept of teaching singing based on developing the real person. Technically, the accent is on naturalness of muscle structure.
The Modern Vocalist Journal I Journal of Singing, Journal of voice Vocal Terminology: Messa di Voce Of all the dynamic effects used in singing, one of the most challenging to do elegantly is the "messa di voce" (pronounced ...


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