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Kevin Chilcott Maker of Royal and Chilcott Custom Guitars. Restorer. Based in the UK.

Andrew Carruthers Violinmaker and restorer in the San Francisco Bay area.
Thomas Winter Early Pianos San Francisco based builder and restorer of fortepianos.
Michael Heale Maker and restorer of the instrument. Offers antique instruments and copies as well as student viols.
Paul Poletti Maker and restorer of Historical Keyboard Instruments in Utrecht, Netherlands. Includes a history of the piano and a guide to tuning and temperaments.
Pels-D'Hondt Orgelbouw Belgian builder and restorer. Opus list, current projects, workshop information. Database of Flemish organs.
Voltini, Alessandro Luthier. Includes biography, instruments gallery and contact information. (Cremona, Italy)
Bonza, Augusto Italian maker and restorer of harpsichords and other early keyboard instruments, including a folding Italian.
Marcello Armand-Pilon Maker and restorer of renaissance and baroque lute, archlute, theorbo, baroque guitar and vihuela. Includes information on his instruments, a gallery, terms, and contact details. [Cremona, Italy]
Raffaello Di Biagio Maker and restorer of violins and cellos. (Cremona, Italy)
Laliberté-Payment Inc. Canadian rebuilder and restorer. Collector and restorer of old valve guitar amplifiers describes his collection.
Vleugels Orgelmanufactur Builder and restorer in Hardheim, Germany. Company profile, photographs and descriptions of some instruments.
Midland Violins Violin maker, dealer, and restorer. (West Midlands, UK)
Vann, Michael Bow and violin maker and dealer also offering restoration and evaluation services. Prices, pictures, and links.
The Music Room Workshop Makers and Restorers of Early Keyboard Instruments. New Harpsichords, Spinets, Clavichords and antique Square Pianos for sale. Restoration service for all early keyboard instruments.
Sebastián Núñez and Verónica Estevez Makers of Early Music instruments (lutes, vihuelas, early guitars and harpsichords); also offer restoration services. [Utrecht, Netherlands] Online photographic archive of bridges from violin instrument family with weights and measurements of bridges displayed.
Ternovec, Marco Maker of renaissance and baroque viola da gamba, lirone, lira da braccio, and violone. Information on the maker, catalog, and links.
Christopher J Barlow I have been a professional builder and restorer of harpsichords, fortepianos and harps since 1979, and since then my instruments have found homes in the USA, Canada, Finland, Austria, Sweden, Spain and Australia as well as more locally in this...
Dobson Pipe Organ Builders, Ltd. Iowa pipe organ builder. Description of artistic philosophy, shop history and a complete opus list with many photos.
Cole, Michael Square Piano specialist. Maker and restorer of harpsichords, square piano and fortepianos. Cheltenham Spa, England. Publications on square pianos and mp3s.
Luthier Resources - Leif Louis Luscombe Includes 'Violin Making and Restoration Forum', 'Varnish Recipes' and 'Varnish Glossary' pages, along with brief illustrated article about setting soundposts by the violin maker and restorer in Ontario, Canada. Set a Sound Post violin maker and...
Gert Schrijvers - Violin Making Maker and restorer of fine violins, cellos, basses and their bows. Adjustments, rentals, accessories, valuations and insurance. In English, French and Dutch. (Hasselt, Begium)
Royal and Chilcott Custom Guitars Kevin Chilcott is a UK based luthier with over 20 years experience of Guitar Repair, Restoration and Custom Building.
How to Buy a Violin A multi-chapter guide on how to shop for a violin, viola or cello. Discusses dealer and shop practices, instrument authenticity, depreciation and value.
Keith Hill - Instrument Maker Specialist in the 17th & 18th century Art of Acoustics. Maker and acoustic restorer of harpsichords, clavichords, fortepianos and violins working in Manchester, Michigan.
O'Brien, Grant - Early Keyboard Instruments Harpsichords, virginals, spinets, clavichords, foretepianos. Builder, restorer, conservation, consultations. Stringing of early keyboard instruments.
Wallace, David E. and Company Restorer of 19th century tracker organs. Company profile, description of recent projects. Gorham, Maine.


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