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Murray Reeds Offering professional cane bagpipe reeds, in Scotland. With product information and usage tips.

Argendonax Company in Argentina cultivates Arundo Donax cane for reeds, sells blanks to manufacturers worldwide, and makes and sells Zonda and Gonzalez brand reeds for clarinet, saxophone, and double-reed instruments, established 1983. History, forum,...
Ross Bagpipe Reeds Bagpipe reeds, zipped and clamped canister pipe bags.
Making Plastic Bagpipe Reeds Make small-pipe and other bagpipe reeds from yoghurt containers.
Reeds and Stuff German oboist Udo Heng designs and sells knives and machines used to make oboe and bassoon reeds. Photos, links. [English and German] Includes information on the instrument family, reeds, mouthpieces, related books, and tips.
Rico International Clarinet and saxophone reeds and accessories. Includes news, trade shows, history, artists, and links.
Saxophone Mouthpieces by Peter Ponzol High end metal and hard rubber saxophone mouthpieces designed by one player for other players. Saxophone necks and reeds.
Marca Reeds Clarinet and saxophone reeds made in Provence, France. Preparation, product details, and links to importers and musicians.
Patricia's Bassoon Page General information, history, the bassoon in art, and resources.
The Oboe Fiend General information about the oboe, MIDIs of the author's compositions, and links.
Jean Johnson's Clarinet Page Clarinet and orchestral links, reed information, biography and resume.
Musical instrument repair shop DLP Music & Repair provides schools and individuals with a full range of music services including musical instrument repairs, particularly guitar repair and clarinet repair, used musical instruments for sale (used guitar amps, used drums for... Resources and information for bassoonists. Sources for instruments, reeds, accessories, sheet music, and links.
Ian Kinnear Small Pipes Made in the tradition of quality Scottish instrument makers. Pictures, descriptions, sound files, and contact information.
Rimas, Juozas - Lithuanian Oboist Biography, pictures, recordings, MP3s, and contact information.
Vandoren Maker of reeds, mouthpieces, and ligatures for clarinets and saxophones. Products, FAQ, artists, history, and distributors.
Coolsax Information on topics including serial numbers, sheet music, on-line tuition, mouthpieces and reeds.
Maima Music House The major range of our products consist on Highland Bagpipes, Cases of Bagpipe Covers, Blow rubber Valves, Drone Reeds, Chanter Reeds, Practice Chanters, Pipe Chanters, Practice Chanter Reeds, Bombard Chanter, Snake Pipe, Marching Side Drums,...
Foglietta: The Reed for Clarinets Reeds for clarinets using the Boehm and French systems. Product information, tips, and ordering information. In English and German.
The Baroque Oboe: A Study Traces the evolution of the instrument, comparing it to modern times. Includes analyses of various types, and the tone, reeds, embouchure, breathing, intonation, fingering, and phrasing.
Bassoon, Reeds, and More Includes discography, forum, artwork, and sound files.
Ali Akbar College Store Harmoniums made in India; online ordering.
Merchandisers International Manufacturers and exporters. Percussion, ethnic and folk music instruments. Based in Pakistan.
New Orleans Wonderdogs A traditional/dixieland Jazz band featuring banjo, drums, reeds, cornet, bass and sousaphone plus vocals.
The Cat Pack UK-based outfit with eight brass, five reeds and four singers playing Basie, Sammy Davis, Dean Martin, Jools Holland and Brian Setzer as well as original jumping jive. Photos, gig schedule.
Celtworks - Bagpipes and accessories Offers different kinds of bagpipes, chanters, reeds, and other accessories for pipers.
John C Kleinbauer's Unique Plans Build a simple monkey style crank organ using harmonica reeds.
Accordion Repair and Tuning Information on tuning and basic repairs of the instrument.
Annie's Clarinet Sheet Music and Tip Site Information from an experienced clarinet player on reeds, equipment, and sheet music.


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