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Brenda Hutchinson WGDR interview.

Music Agents Music Agents will help you book venues to promote your talent. If you are a solo artist or musician in a band it is important to have a music booking agent.
SB Music Engraving Good music engraving requires a profound understanding of music notation, of composition and performance, coupled with the skills of a graphic artist.
Music SUBMIT MusicSUBMIT promotes your music by submitting your MPK (music press kit) to radio stations, webzines, blogs, music communities, indie record labels and other types of music websites.
Music for Management In the book, Eight Great Ideas, I talk about using music for management. TV theme songs can be used quite effectively to either initiate a procedure or time a transition. However, music is much more than just a management tool.
AM Music Consulting Anne-Marie attended Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia. It was here that she developed a love of music, volunteering with local music groups to promote their music and performances.
Roger Discussion of computer music by Xenakis, Reynolds, Lansky and Mache. From theDelphi Computer Music Conference/Festival 1992. Every track you play will tell your profile something about what you like. It can connect you to other people who like what you like - and recommend songs from their music collections and yours too.
2EEE 102.5 Power FM for the NSW east coast.
Musicke of Sundrie Kindes Catalogue from an exhibition of very old music books.
The Music Monitor: David Byrne Interview and photographs before a show in North Carolina.
Music Company Employment and Classifieds Do you think you have what it takes to work in the Music and Entertainment industry? We will post your information on this page. We can possibly assist in directing you to appropriate contacts.
Music Banter A general music discussion forum with sections for many genres.
FreeRocker Musicians from all over North America have sent in there music so they could have the opportunity to not only share their music with you, the listener, but they are also supporting Indie Music in other areas of the country. They are the ones that...
Music Education Degrees, Become a Music Teacher Music is an important part of life, and individuals who are musically inclined benefit greatly from a music education degree.
Serge Entertainment Group Features Music Morsels Magazine, talent, industry showcase, and more. Home to such artists as Bad Boy, Mark Birmingham, Lea Brennan, Prince EQ, and more.
Body Mind Music Custom music composed by studio musicians for personal or commercial use. Includes samples and prices.
Griffith University - Bachelor of Music Technology Scroll down the page to play over 130 elementary quizzes, puzzles and games about music. Music Information and Theory pages below will help you learn the names of music notes, rhythms, terms and the names of famous musicians and composers. I have...
David Del Tredici Includes photographs and a biography.
Beglarian, Eve Photographs, biography, and audio files.
Clear Music An Irish company offering music licensing services, project supervision and music publishing expertise for the film and television industries.
Music composition Music composition net is a place where you can commission original music composition for any event or occasion.
Putymayo World Music Label established in 1993 that primarily releases regional and special-interest compilations. Includes tour dates, radio show information, and RealAudio samples of songs.
DVM Publications Music fonts, about DVM Publishing, engraver's quizzes, music and book typesetting services and engraving bibliography. Located in Haverford, Pennsylvania.
Thornes Music Publisher and arranger of brass band music
Women in Music Women in Music is a national membership organisation that celebrates women's music making across all genres of music. We raise awareness of gender issues in music and support women musicians in their professional development.
The Music Monitor: Ramblin' Jack Elliot A review of the album, Friends of Mine. Written by Charlie Johnson.
Award Winning Music Presents diversified and comprehensive music packages, suited for every musical need.
Barwin, Gary Picture, audio files, writing, and biography.
Music Arrangements We specialise in providing high quality written music arrangements for small businesses. Intelligent, clearly written musical arrangements can save time and money in rehearsals and studio sessions and your musicians will thank you.


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