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Infusion Systems Makers of the I-CubeX MIDI sensor control interface

NoiZe Graphical MIDI patch editor and librarian that stores, organizes, and edits system exclusive data for MIDI devices.
Epsilon Wavesample editor for the Ensoniq EPS 16+ / ASR-10.
Guitar-Tech Online guide for chord positions, scales and arpeggio patterns with MIDI and tablature.
Visitabilis Listen to brand new compositions, classic style, never played before, composed on PC only with PC-keyboard-tastatur input on a simple MS-DOS piano-roll-editor. No mouse, MIDI or piano keyboard et al. for composition was used.
Alesis Synthesizer Resources The QuadraSynth Pages at MidiWorld. Resources, support, file downloads, sounds, programs, for all Alesis synths. User Forum and Mailing List, FAQ and tutorials, it's all there.
Dean's MIDI and Pictures Center MIDIs for download are listed alphabetically, on this multi-purpose website.
Sheet Music Editor Sheet Music Editor, enjoy a wide variety of printable blank staff sheets. Create new original music or refine and polish hand-written compositions.
AuReality Programs available include an all-purpose modular MIDI processor, a sysex editor/librarian for the QuadraSynth, and a freeware librarian for the EMU Morpheus synthesizer.
Ardent River Includes streaming video samples, current projects and production prices.
MIDI Manufacturers Association Develops Musical Instrument Digital Interface standards. MIDI is a very commonly used format.
Standard MIDI Files on the Net Offers links MIDI related topics.
JSynthLib Free universal editor / librarian for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.
Musica Technica Using Finale software. Types of services, rates and charges, samples and fees, file formats, and printing. Located in New York City.
Guitar Pro Song Book Several thousand tablatures, all in Guitar Pro format. Organised by artist and style.
BAZ Baz's site is dedicated to finding the best midi-file on the Web.
Rick's Music Box More than 370 pop MIDI files, updated monthly.
MIDI Vault Collection of over 200 quality MIDI files sorted by artist, includes also some TV and movie themes songs.
Spiritual Healing Music from elan michaels Spiritually inspiring and uplifting music from elan michaels. This official site includes MPEG3 and MIDI samples as well as photographs. Native American, new age, and meditative music from this New England composer's CD "Wind Walker"...
JS Online: Beatle's 60 Years Spark a Hard Day's Awakening Article written around Ringo's 60th birthday, reflecting on the Beatles then and now, and the aging of the baby boomer generation.
Midi Country Dozens of popular country songs in MIDI format.
MIDI Harvester Downloadable search tool is a new approach to finding free MIDI files on the Internet.
Harmony Central: Midi Tools and Resources A wealth of MIDI resources, documentation, articles, interfaces, writing software, free classifieds, and manufacturers.
MIDI Studio Consortium MIDIs by several artists. Includes country, jazz, ballroom, easy listening and big band.
HamieNet: Beatles Contains MIDI files with lyrics and guitar tablature
Arno van Goch's Home Page Various MS-DOS software for EPS 16+ and ASR-10.
MIDI Vault Quality MIDI files sorted by artist. Search engine for MIDI sites and files, as well as message board community support for composers.
The MIDI Farm Internet. Over 15,000 searchable files including information, news and links.
MIDI Junction Tips for MIDI composers; forum for MIDI composition questions; a few original MIDI files that can't be found anywhere else on the net.


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