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Make Hit Music Makehitmusic is the place in cyberspace where musicians connect, collaborate and make hit music. Download beats, record vocals, make hit music. Pro beats and Instrumentals in all genres for independent artists to make hit music.

Rolling Stone: Welcome to Wherever You Are Vic Garbarini's review: "With a name like INXS, this band should make us laugh, make us cry, make us crawl on our bellies like reptiles. Instead the group just teases us with possibilities." 2 stars.
The Most Complete Pink Floyd Page Discography, lyrics, coverscans, articles and other usual audio stuff.
Jamwave Independent artists community offering websites and blog creation to upload music, films or videos. Requires registration.
Dig 6 MP3 downloads and RealAudio clips.
DEL MP3 Karaoke Features Windows software to make own karaoke from music files format such as MP3, MID, and KAR.
How to Make A Sheker Steve Tierra provides detailed instructions on how to make the instrument from a gourd.
Static Beats Features an electronica webcast, MP3 database, reviews, links and DJ Justes' mix sessions. Includes charts, full albums, archive, mp3 faq and help.
Premier Audio Mastering With over 20 years in the Recording Arts Business, we at Premier Audio Mastering enjoy using our talent to make music of all kinds sound better. There is a big difference between knowing how to use the tools of the trade, and knowing how to use...
Frogbutters Homepage Full song wavs, chat wavs, freebies, and other things to make web surfing fun.
Static Beats Ambient, IDM and electronica streaming broadcast.
1st Spot MP3 Reviewed links of MP3 search, download, players and rippers.
MustardRock Legal Music This site was originally designed to share my favorite music with my friends. But I have found that most of my friends are more interested in how to find legal music to download, preferably for free, or at least for a low cost subscription. So I...
Celebrate With Music - Mobile DJ Services Celebrate your special event with your favorite music. We specialize in weddings, corporate events, and large parties. Every event is custom designed to meet your specific needs and to make sure your guests have a fantastic time! We guarantee our...
Free MP3 Music Downloads Club Free MP3 Music Downloads Club is a nationally recognized membership club for music lovers. We are striving to make the joy of listening to music more affordable for our members.
Absolutely Free Mp3 MP3 files, skins, software, and links and hardware. The former three are also given ratings.
Didgeridoos Made from Agave How to make didgeridoos from PVC, as well as handcrafted instruments for sale.
MP3 Bookmarks The best bookmarks to download MP3 songs, MP3 Software and all your MP3 needs.
Uncle Monkey Carl, Steve, and Sam make up this New Zealand based band featuring music, photos, lyrics, and tour information.
MP3 Imperium Directory of MP3 sites, search engines, software and charts.
MP3 Newswire Online MP3 magazine with track reviews and downloads, latest MP3 news and commentary and hardware and software listings.
Lantos Music - Free synthesizer music Synthesizer music - Progressive compositions and arrangements of beautiful classical music. This is the site of Bela Lantos, an Information Technology professional and musician living in Australia. I produce synthesizer music – either...
Music Video 101 Free E-book offering a tutorial on how to create music videos.
Mega Dutch MP3 Top 40 Downloads of new songs from the band.
NZone With a philosophy to seriously and in earnest make the best sci fi movie that we can make and the only condition is that we are living in 1957 and we have to stay within the style and the technology of what we have available at that time, the...
FreeRocker Musicians from all over North America have sent in there music so they could have the opportunity to not only share their music with you, the listener, but they are also supporting Indie Music in other areas of the country. They are the ones that...
Make Trance Music Make Trance music online with our hundreds of how to videos from all over the world. Tips, tricks and ideas for making Trance music online.
MP3 Arena Links to various MP3-related sites.
Thoughtcat Mastering Mastering is the art (and science) of making your recorded and mixed music ready to be delivered for duplication and/or distribution. Mastering engineers usually boost and cut volumes and make equalization decisions in order to make the music...


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