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Punk 77 Mailing List The original list devoted to the discussion of 1970s punk music.

The Offspring Mailing List Mailing List.
White Bird Mailing List This JW's Rock page provides a mailing list for discussing the music of the band.
The Exotica Mailing List A mailing list for fans and collectors of weird and unusual music from the early LP era forward.
YogMael Homepage of the first and longest-serving George Michael mailing list. Online archive of the mailing list since its creation in 1996.
Sharon Corr Mailing List A Yahoo based mailing list for fans to talk and share news.
Dan Abnormal Mailing List A mailing list for fans of Damon Albarn of Blur.
Mailing List A fan-based discussion mailing list for everything related to Meredith Brooks. Digest version available.
The U2 Mailing List Home Page Also known as WIRE, this is the largest U2 mailing list with around 4000+ subscribers. A great source of information and generally intelligent discussion.
Terrorvision Mailing List A mailing list for fans, contains an FAQ, rules and details on how to join.
RUSH - The Hemispheres Mailing List Mailing list for Rush fans.
"Direct" Mailing List Home Page, The The home page for the Vangelis mailing list. Features pictures of list members, MIDI files, music recommendations and, of course, how to join the discussion list.
Ridiculous Thoughts Mailing List Home for subscribing to The Cranberries mailing list.
The Beatles Trivia Mailing List Subscription information for this e-mail mailing list.
Yello Mailing List Archive Plain text archives of the mailing list.
Lycia mailing list Official Lycia mailing list,also available web-based signup and list archives.
Howard Donald World Mailing List Mailing list about the star.
Mailing List Djembe-L @Yahoo Mailing list dedicated to ongoing development and maintenance of a knowledge base regarding the drum and dance musical culture of West Africa.
FTE Mailing List Homepage The homepage of Fumbling-Towards-Ecstasy, a mailing list for fans of Sarah McLachlan.
U2-Talk Discussion Group This is the U2-talk mailing list, a general discussion list where fans around the world are welcome to discuss U2. The U2-talk mailing list is a service of the web site.
Caroline Corr Mailing List A mailing list for fans of the Corrs' drummer.
EveryDay Angels A netiquette and new member guide for the official Jewel (Kilcher) mailing list.
The Siobhan Fahey Mailing list Unofficial mailing list featuring news and views. Also letters from Siobhan.
Joe Zawinul Fans Mailing List A mailing list dedicated to Joe Zawinul. Also includes links, files, events, and chat sessions.
Sinister Mailing List Based in Scotland and dedicated to Belle and Sebastian, the site includes photos, list archives and chords. The list has more than 1000 members.
Victim: Glen Phillips Fans Mailing list.
Monkees 101 A guide to the group with FAQs and mailing list.
Texas Psych Group Mailing list for psychedelic fans. Introduction, how to join, and links.
Mailing List Archives Archives for a Who mailing list dating back to 1994.
Opera-L Details of the Opera-L mailing list and how to subscribe, plus photos, files and links.


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