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Lieder Translations

Miscellaneous Lieder by Kreutzer List of songs, most with lyrics, some with English translations.

Ferruccio Busoni (1886-1924) Miscellaneous lieder in opus order from, most with original texts, some have English translations.
Composers of Lieder and Art Songs Extensive listing, many with texts in original languages and translations, and links to related materials.
Hugo Distler (1908-1942) Miscellaneous Lieder from including song cycle and individual songs, many with German texts and most also with English translations.
Lieder by Bruch Listing of art songs and song cycles from includes selected texts, some with English translations.
Cécile Chaminade (1857-1944) Miscellaneous songs in alphabetical order, most with French texts, several also having English translations.
Gustave Charpentier (1860-1956) Miscellaneous songs, most with French texts, some with English, German, and/or Italian translations.
Miscellaneous Songs by Dargomyzhsky Alphabetical list, many with lyrics, some with English translations.
John Blow Song title list from with English texts and translations from those in Latin.
Henri Duparc (1848-1933) Miscellaneous songs with French texts, some having English or German translations, from REC Music Foundation.
Claude Debussy (1862-1918) Songs and cycles with texts in French, many also having English, Italian an/or German translations from REC Music.
The REC Music Foundation Songs with words, with English translations available.
Peter Cornelius (1824-1874) Miscellaneous songs and song cycles from, most with German texts and many having English translations.
André Caplet (1879-1925) Song cycles and individual songs from recmusic. Many have French texts; some include English translations.
Léo Delibes (1836-1891) Alphabetical list of art songs, some with French texts and a few with English translations.
Ernest Amédée Chausson (1855-1899) Art songs and cycles with French texts, some also having English translations.
Giulio Caccini (1546-1618) List of over thirty art songs with Italian texts, some having English translations.
Art Songs by Emmanuel Chabrier Miscellaneous pieces listed with, all having French texts, some with English translations.
Antonio Caldara (1670-1736) Miscellaneous art songs at with Italian texts. Some also have English translations.
Vilém (Wilhelm) Blodek (1834-1874) Miscellaneous songs or song cycles from include German texts, some with English translations.
Francesco Durante (1684-1755) List of art songs with Italian texts, some English translations, from REC Music Foundation.
Miscellaneous Lieder by F. Hiller List of songs some with their lyrics.
Miscellaneous Lieder by Himmel List of songs with lyrics.
Lieder by Schubert Lyrics of over 600 songs, many with English translation.
The Rec Music Foundation List of vocal works with German lyrics, with English translations available.
César Antonovich Cui (1835-1918) Extensive list of songs and song cycles from, many with Russian or French texts, some having English translations.
Miscellaneous Lieder by L. Berger Goethe verses which he set to music from's collection. [German, English, French]
Miscellaneous Lieder by C. P. E. Bach List from linked to song texts, some with English translation.
Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco (1895-1968) Art songs and cycles listed with REC Music Foundation including some with original language texts and translations.
Art Songs by Sir Hubert Parry Listing of various lieder with the authors and texts for which he wrote the various tunes.


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