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Guitar Tricks Listen and learn to play guitar for free at the largest riff archive on the web.

How to Play Guitar Have you always wanted to learn to play guitar but don't know where or how to start doing it? Or have always imagined yourself jamming around with your buddies and playing along with your favorite tunes?Learning to play the guitar should be a fun...
Schmange's Guitar Tricks Offers free advanced guitar lessons and techniques. Instructions include mp3s, MIDI, tabs, and diagrams.
Play Guitar in One Hour Gib Kerr offers a free downloadable simple course for beginners.
Guitar Principles Emphasizes playing techniques involving minimum strain. Also gives tips on motivation, choosing a teacher and developing a repertoire.
Guitar Tuition Learn to play Guitar with our Guitar Unleashed software application that grows as you learn. Each guitar software application contains all you need to get you started when learning guitar. From beginner to advanced Guitar Unleashed will show you...
Guitar Lessons For Beginners Looking for acoustic or electric guitar lessons? Learn to play Easy Guitar Songs with our step-by-step video tutorials. There are many people who can play the guitar, yet only a precious few ever end up doing so at a professional level. Many even...
Learn Guitar Online Today it is easier than ever to learn guitar at home with some great resources available online. Perhaps the best system is the one reviewed above.
Xtreme Musician Provides alphabetical list of artist profiles.
Guitar On the Spot Shows how to play guitar and compose songs, solos, progressions, and riffs off the top of your head by rolling a die. Acoustic guitar lessons, PDF worksheets, exercises, tablature, tips, and techniques. Composition and theory are also covered.
Learn Harmonica Learn to play harmonica for free. Free instruction, songs, tabs, tips, sound files, CDs keyed, message board, chat room, and theory. Musical instrument and gear product reviews, sheet music, guitar tablature collections.
Romero, Pepe Biography, articles, reviews, pictures, recordings, and mailing list. Learn to play harmonica/blues harp. Lessons, instruction, beginner's hints, and tips. Download songs, riffs, and sounds.
Guitar videos explorer Learn to play your favourite songs with this collection of free guitar video lessons.
Guitar Weekends Contact and meeting point for organised guitar learning weekends. UK based, covers various styles.
Ibanez Guitar Players Collection of guitar tabs for Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, John Petrucci, and Paul Gilbert. Also includes player info, a beginners guide, scales, chords, and glossary.
Reed, Don Songwriter and instrumentalist. Biography, history, gear list, and past and present bands.
Lappin, Don Rock guitarist/composer and Instructor at Berklee College of Music. Biography, music samples and photos.
Guitar Music Theory In this online music theory tutorial you'll learn the theory behind guitar chords. Spending a little time on guitar music theory and harmony will save you a lot of time learning how to play guitar chords and will deepen your understanding of the... A resource for guitar enthusiasts. Includes newsletter, guitar history, interviews, tablature, directory, MP3s and chat.
Guitar Dreams Free guitar lessons online for playing lead guitar. Includes alternate picking technique, scales, arpeggios, sweep picking, legato, string skipping and tapping. Sound files included. Also features a discussion forum.
ABC Learn Guitar Offering beginner guitar lessons, tips and resources on buying a guitar, songwriting, recording, and building a music career.
Portuguese Guitar History A historical survey of possible origins for the guitarra; the author argues that its roots lie in the Renaissance cittern and 18th century English guitar; also explores ths instrument's use in Fado.
Guitar Chords Generator Online and downloadable guitar chords generator.
Pay the Piper Detailed advice for children and parents about taking up a musical instrument: what to play, how to buy it, and how to get lessons.
Mark, John Suite for Classical Guitar: MIDI files, order information for sheet music.
Electric-Guitar.Co.Uk Free guitar lessons, tablature, chords, and basic theory. Offers a members area, search and submit tab feature, and forums.
Peter Petrucci Renowned as one of Australias finest guitarists, unique with uncommon refinement and fluency in his playing. Noted to have a distinct musical voice of his own, he has been regarded as a virtuoso, musical poet and there being few guitarists in the...


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