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Jupiter Flutes

Australia Wide Musical Instrument Repair Services of Woodwind In Tune Musical Services was started in 1998 by Ivan Bowker to cater for all repairs to woodwind and brass instruments - for all players from the beginner to the professional. Based in Perth Western Australia, Ivan has been working as a...

Wendy Reed's Irish Flutes Handmade Irish flutes styled after wooden flutes of last century, made in polymer.
Wind's Song Flutes Handcrafted flutes, flute scales, extensive information about the instrument, and a forum.
Sweetheart Flute Company Ralph Sweet's instruments, including folk fifes, historic flutes, Irish flutes and whistles. Instrument details, prices, and pictures.
Troy De Roche The traditional and spiritual nature of the flute through music and instruments by an enrolled member of the Blackfeet Nation.
Tom Lacy Flutes Handmade instruments. Comments, prices, product information, and contact details.
Native American Flutes Includes history, construction, legends, photo gallery, playing, directories of musicians and makers, audio samples, CD reviews, and links.
Sweetheart Flute Company Ralph Sweet's whistles, flutes, and fifes, made from a variety of hardwoods. Features the redesigned Sweetheart Professional whistle made of laminated birch, with a new design for consistent response across the scale. Available in high D and C and...
Mark Hoza's Kything Flutes Handmade wooden flutes and headjoints. Irish style keyless flutes and wooden headjoints for silver flutes.
M and E Flutes In addition to his well-known flutes, Michael Cronnolly also makes soprano D whistles in polymer (US$100) and wood (US$150).
Mark Shepard's Flute Page Playing the modern and simple folk flutes, making simple flutes, maintenance, tips on selecting an instrument, and links.
Autumn's Child Ensemble featuring the native American flute playing of Mark Holland. Site includes biographies, performance dates, discography, and reviews.
Asia Flutes store Asia Flutes has been serving our global customer for over a decade, providing high quality name brand flutes, flute head joints from basic to professional grade. We provide personalized service to help you find the right flute and flute head joint...
Marc Ecochard Maker of flutes, oboes, and traditional woodwind instruments. In English and French.
Littleleaf, Charles Native American flutist and storyteller. Profile, pictures, and CD information.
Erik the Bamboo Flute Maker Bamboo flutes, whistles, saxophones, and other musical instruments.
Littleleaf, Charles Native American flutist, recording artist and flute maker, featuring music on CDs. Site also includes Littleleaf's profile, sound samples, interviews, and a link to his new creations in Native American flutes.
Boaz Berney Historical Flutes Renaissance, Baroque and Romantic flutes modeled after originals in museums and in private collections.
M and E Irish Flutes Traditional Irish flutes by Michael Cronnolly of County Mayo, Ireland.
Hall Crystal Flutes Maker of Crystal Flutes
Landell Flutes Includes interesting information about making Titanium flutes.
Parmenon Flutes Handmade flutes from Orleans, France. Information, descriptions, and news. In English and French.
Arista Flutes Handmade flutes and headjoints in wood, gold and silver.
Scott Loomis's Native American Flute Forum An information and forum page for Native American flute players, makers, and others interested in the flute.
Pearl Flutes Handmade instruments in sterling, 10K, 14K, and 18K Gold and Platinum. Also maker of student and alto flutes.
Saggio Healing Arts Meditative, healing music by Saggio featuring over 16 flutes. Includes bio, information on his flute journey, and audio samples.
Terry McGee Flutes Australian maker of wood flutes, offers links to historical flute studies, research, and fingering charts.
Traditional Flutes Multiple links on a variety of historical and ethnic flutes.
Japan Shakuhachi Crafted by Hoshi Bonchiku. Details on flutes for sale and the manufacturing process. Based in Kyoto, Japan and Vancouver, Canada.
Stephen Wessel Flutes Handmade silver flutes with stainless steel keywork. Product description, pictures, FAQ, endorsements, prices, and links.


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