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Lukas Foss: The Realisation of Early Promise Key works, timeline, recommended recordings, quotes, historical and societal context, photograph, and resources from Humanities Web.

Ockeghem Multi-part article with period illustrations from Goldberg early music magazine. Includes in-depth biographical information, musicology, and historical background for the composer.
Savage Republic 1980s Los Angeles seminal industrial/rock/experimental band. This official site hosts audio and video downloads and a historical archive.
Sun Ra A brief biography and list of musicians who played with the Arkestra.
Crusaders Drum & Bugle Corps of Ottawa, Illinois Corps shares guestbook, historical information, and score archives.
Indiana High School Field Marching Bands A historical site for the state finals and contest results. Includes a list of bands.
Gothart Czech historical music ensemble. Plays medieval music of Europe in modern interpretation influented by Arabic and Balkan folklore.
Guitarworkshop Kurt Decorte Specializing in the restoration and conservation of historical 19th century guitars, classical guitars and mandolins. Located in Belgium.
Brief Overview of Portuguese Music Historical summary of the nation's major composers, musical styles, and contributions to the repertoire from 1450 through the beginning of the 21st Century. By Nancy Lee Harper.
Rock & Roll Library Works to recognize the historical and cultural significance of popular music. Sponsorship information, newsletter signup, teacher resources, and gift shop.
Edvard Grieg: Miniaturist in a Big Way Contains brief biography, list of key works, suggested reading, timeline, recommended recordings, historical context, and links from Heart's Ease Conservatory.
Virgil Garnett Thomson and the Musical Portrait Brief biography, key works, suggested reading, timeline, recommended recordings, quotes, and historical and societal context from Humanities Web.
Sir Charles Hubert Hastings Parry Ushers in a New Era in English Composition Brief biography, timeline, key works, quotes, and historical and societal context from Humanities Web.
Renaissance Era (1450 - 1600) Overview of the time period with links to composer pages and an historical perspective. Includes rise of polyphony and the madrigal. From The Conservatory at Humanities Web.
Balfe, Michael William Musical biography noting his operatic compositions and singing, overall style, and historical significance from the from the Grove Concise Dictionary of Music entry at WQXR radio.
Early Music Vancouver Organisation established in North America to foster and promote music from various periods in a historical context, using appropriate instruments and performance practices.
Prague Autumn Anually takes place in the renowned historical buildings and concert halls of Prague and presents the world-known performers of classical music.
George Stevens Maker of handcrafted instruments such as lutes, historical harps, guitars, citterns and gitterns. Includes maker biography and details about wood used.
Aaron Copland: The Gift To Be Simple Biography, key works, suggested reading, timeline, recommended recordings, quotes, additional resources, and historical and societal context. From Humanities Web.
PopMatters: The Quest of Historical Janis Career overview and reviews.
Miklós Rózsa: Passion And Discipline Essay by Chris Blackford examines his life, Hungarian roots, and the emotional effect of his compositions, showing the historical perspective and providing addresses and links.
Afrocuba de Matanzas One of Cuba's top folkloric groups, with an impressive knowledge of many of the African traditions. This site includes biographical and historical information, reviews, discography, tour schedule, and CD sales.
Bach, Wilhelm Friedemann Musical biography with education, family influence, major works and accomplishments, and historical perspective. From the Grove Concise Dictionary of Music entry at WQXR radio.
Overview of the Origin and History of Russian Bell-Founding A detailed examination of the development of bellfounding activities in Russia in the context of historical events and policies. Includes references to notable bells.
Governor's Foot Guard: Second Company New Haven, CT: Historical state military organization founded during the Revolutionary War era. Accepts and utilizes civilian volunteers as well. Information on services and performances.
Sacra rappresentazione di Abram e d'Isaac, La Composer, librettist, and production notes for Pizzetti's The Miracle Play of Abraham and Isaac with plot summary and historical background.
Information Society (InSoc) - Official Site InSoc news, pictures, music excerpts, and history. Currently not updated frequently, and mainly serving as the group's historical archive.
Society for Ethnomusicology Its mission is to promote the research, study, and performance of music in all historical periods and cultural contexts. There's an introduction to ethnomusicology, and information about activities and publications.
Northumbrian Smallpipes Encyclopaedia Historical and technical articles on Northumberland's traditional instrument.
The German Historical Organ Extensive information about instruments and builders, including Casparini, Engler Gabler and J. Wagner. Also German-only description of organs in Koenigsberg, Prussia.


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