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Historical Woodwinds Maker of historical flutes and recorders, site includes descriptions of models, care information and related links.

Wilhelm Furtwängler and Music in the Third Reich Article from Antony Charles in the Journal of Historical Review. Provides a re-examination of his life, musical artistry, and relationships both with the Nazis and with the post-war world.
My Historical Flutes Links to pictures and descriptions of the author's antique flutes and historical reproductions. Includes purchasing tips.
Blechblas-Instrumentenbau Egger Brass instruments including replicas and adaptations of historical instruments, and historical trumpet mouthpieces.
Welcome to 2.0 Within these pages, important musical events over the last 250 years are listed chronologically along with general historical events. We pay homage to the fact that composers live in the world. They affect the world and are affected by it. If one...
Rick Wilson's Historical Flutes Page Presents photos, descriptions, and information about historical European and American flutes from the Renaissance to the 20th century. Performance practices are also discussed.
Historical Brass Instruments ASW historical guide to brass instruments. A player's guide to rotary valve trumpets, cornets, serpents. Renaissance and baroque trumpets and sackbuts.
Links to History of Musical Instruments Includes links to museums and collections, historical guides, historical sources and facsimiles, societies, individual instruments, and world instruments.
Anton Bruckner: Historical Recordings A list of known recordings of Bruckner symphonies made between 1924 and 1959, some un-published, with links to other collectors and specialists.
Todays Tabors Information from Harms Historical Percussion History of the tabor drum and descriptions of variant of the tabor from different cultures.
Amherst Early Music Teaching music festival for historical performance in Massachusetts.
Jan Van den Hemel - Stringinstruments & Piano Fortes Builds historical string instruments and piano fortes. Restores historical instruments. Articles on history of the piano.
Historical Tuning of Keyboard Instruments Includes information on the differences between equal temperament and well temperament and why Bach rejected equal temperament and celebrated well temperament.
Stephenson, Trevor Biography and CDs of music performed on historical instruments.
The Richmond Hill Historical Society: Dave Van Ronk Article about the musician and his connections with the society.
Early Music Network international Web based organization providing information about early music and historical performance all over the world and offering helpful services for musicians and organizations
Southeastern Historical Keyboard Society Promotes and studies the early keyboard instruments: Activities, membership information, and links.
Hurrell, Nancy - Harpist Nancy Hurrell performs on classical, celtic and historical harps. She presents harp workshops around the country.
Southeast Historical Keyboard Society. Promotes interest in and study of harpsichord, clavichord, fortepiano, and organ and their music through annual conclaves, publications, and competitions.
Midwestern Historical Keyboard Society Nonprofit organization fostering interest in and appreciation for harpsichords, clavichords, fortepianos, virginals, and more. THE MIDWESTERN HISTORICAL KEYBOARD SOCIETY is a regional (midwestern United States) non-profit organization comprised of...
Thein Maker of trumpets, trombones, horns, tubas, triangles, mouthpieces, and historical instruments. Includes history, photographs of the workshop, articles, profiles and discography of Ben van Dijk, Matthias Hofs, and Hendrik-Jan Renes, and links....
Saint Michel abbey in northern France Saint Michel medieval abbey with its famous Saint Benoit wallpaintings is home to famous music organ dating from 1714, and to a yearly sacred and baroque music festival
Folkers and Powell: Historical Flutes Makes copies of baroque, classical, and renaissance transverse flutes. Books, newsletter and research information.
History of Music Therapy Music therapy in the United States of America began in the late 18th century. However, using music as a healing medium dates back to ancient times. This is evident in biblical scriptures and historical writings of ancient civilizations such as...
Wieboldt, Nils Baroque cellist. Information about the baroque cello, historical way of using gut strings, tips and tricks. Early music information, big link page to resources for research to early music.
Tenorland Historical information on famous tenors from the past.
Alison Melville Canadian performer on recorder and historical flutes.
Marston Records Extensive notes on historical singers and recordings.
What Is a Bootleg The main goal of our site is to be a complete and accurate historical library of every Bob Dylan bootleg LP album and commercially available CD to exist. We now chronicle approximately 97% of all LPs ever produced, and about 85% of all CDs. It is...
Carlo Gesualdo Information the musician and his town Gesualdo, with a section dedicated to the recent historical studies. [English and Italian]


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