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Guitar Improvisation Technique

Jazz Guitar Improvisation in One Lesson Jazz guitar online diagrams outline limits of classical jazz harmony in major with improvisation options. More than isolated chords or single key area map. No previous theory required.

My Guitar Solo Varied guitar learning content. Includes scales, technique exercises, chops, licks, improvisation tips, backing track midi files, jazz and blues practice, bios of guitar players, buying tips.
Russo, Daniele Specializes in improvisation. Includes biography, history of improvisation, lessons, hints and interview.
How to Play Jazz Guitar A study of the techniques for improvisation and soloing; includes free lessons on scales, modes, chords and melody.
Jazz Guitar Technique Technique and theory lessons for the jazz guitarist.
Krzywacki, Petri Contains sound clips, pictures and improvisation lessons of the Finnish guitarist. Features music theory articles, forum, lessons in technique, advice and music instruction from professional musicians. Topics include ear training, improvisation, and rhythm.
Fingerstyle Guitar Fingerstyle guitar is often thought of as a style rather than a technique of playing the guitar. Here at Fingerstyle Guitar, we do not consider it a specific style; but rather, a technique that covers any and all musical genres. For our purposes,...
Guitar Dreams Free guitar lessons online for playing lead guitar. Includes alternate picking technique, scales, arpeggios, sweep picking, legato, string skipping and tapping. Sound files included. Also features a discussion forum.
Sklaroff, Pete A UK Jazz-Rock guitarist provides a resource for electric (jazz) guitar. Includes audio clips, transcriptions and sections on theory and improvisation techniques.
Guitar Principles Emphasizes playing techniques involving minimum strain. Also gives tips on motivation, choosing a teacher and developing a repertoire.
Alexander Technique for Musicians Articles and links to resources on the Alexander Technique for musicians. Especially beneficial for musicians dealing with excessive stress, injury, or pain. The Alexander Technique is a remarkably-effective means for changing tension habits and... College of Guitar Wisdom Free online guitar lessons using video, audio, midi and notation to make the learning experience both fun, and easy to understand.
Monster Guitar Provides MP3 files of music by guitar artists.
Reese, Rick R ick Reese, a graduate of Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, has been playing the bass guitar for over 25 years. His innovative style is a unique blend of jazz improvisation, funk punctuation with driving energy of rock n' roll....
Alexander Technique for Musicians The Alexander Technique is a remarkably-effective means for changing tension habits and improving coordination. The Technique can be especially beneficial for musicians dealing with excessive stress, injury, or pain and for musicians wanting to...
Quaverbox Piano Improvisation Piano improvisation techniques for contemporary church environments, bands, and pianobars. Downloadable improvisation manual. Private lessons available for students in Melbourne, Australia.
Guitar KnowledgeNet Collection of tools and lessons designed to help guitarists of all levels and playing styles.
The Whole Guitarist Advice for guitar players, informed by the principles of the Alexander Technique
Singers, Singing Teachers and the Alexander Technique One singer's experience with the Alexander Technique, and how it helped her singing and her teaching.
The New V-Picks Night Glow Guitar Picks!!! If you think about it, the guitar pick is the item that really connects you to your guitar. It is the action point. It could be considered the most important connection with the guitar that you have. If this is indeed the case, how important it...
Classical Guitar History Offers a history of guitar playing. Includes dictionary, classical guitar technique, guitar philosophy, and discussion.
Douglas Niedt, Guitarist Official Web Site Here is information on guitarist Douglas Niedt: his recordings, videos, printed music and his teaching program at the University of Missouri. He also gives tips on technique.
The Violinist's Guide to the Alexander Technique A professional violinist and Alexander teacher explains how the Technique can help with tension and performance issues.
Streamwaves Subscribers can play as many songs as they want from an online jukebox.
Guitar Tablature Archive Tablature, (also called guitar tabs or simply tab and even tabulature) is a six-line staff that represents the guitar fingerboard. The top line of the tab indicates the first string of the guitar (the highest sounding E). A number on the...
PlayPro Music Software PlayPro Software, Inc. was incorporated in the United States in June of 1997 as a music software development and publishing company after seven years of research and development in Australia. PlayPro has developed worlds first technologies,...
Musicians and The Alexander Technique Background information and a large directory of articles.
Pianomap - Alexander Technique A short description of the Technique and how it can be applied to piano playing.
Contemporary composition, theory, and classical guitar Contemporary music composition, theory, and classical guitar, music scores, new music CD s, and articles and textbooks on guitar technique, new music composition, songwriting, and contemporary and traditional tonal theory.


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