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Guitar Improvisation

Jazz Guitar Improvisation in One Lesson Jazz guitar online diagrams outline limits of classical jazz harmony in major with improvisation options. More than isolated chords or single key area map. No previous theory required.

Russo, Daniele Specializes in improvisation. Includes biography, history of improvisation, lessons, hints and interview.
Krzywacki, Petri Contains sound clips, pictures and improvisation lessons of the Finnish guitarist.
My Guitar Solo Varied guitar learning content. Includes scales, technique exercises, chops, licks, improvisation tips, backing track midi files, jazz and blues practice, bios of guitar players, buying tips.
Sklaroff, Pete A UK Jazz-Rock guitarist provides a resource for electric (jazz) guitar. Includes audio clips, transcriptions and sections on theory and improvisation techniques. College of Guitar Wisdom Free online guitar lessons using video, audio, midi and notation to make the learning experience both fun, and easy to understand.
Monster Guitar Provides MP3 files of music by guitar artists.
Quaverbox Piano Improvisation Piano improvisation techniques for contemporary church environments, bands, and pianobars. Downloadable improvisation manual. Private lessons available for students in Melbourne, Australia.
Guitar KnowledgeNet Collection of tools and lessons designed to help guitarists of all levels and playing styles.
Guitar Tablature Archive Tablature, (also called guitar tabs or simply tab and even tabulature) is a six-line staff that represents the guitar fingerboard. The top line of the tab indicates the first string of the guitar (the highest sounding E). A number on the...
How to Play Jazz Guitar A study of the techniques for improvisation and soloing; includes free lessons on scales, modes, chords and melody.
Friedmann, Eli Contains biography, lessons, performances, and contact.
Ferguson, Hugh Site includes biography, discography, pictures, and information about his instruments.
Foster/Jenkins/Eubanks Trio, The Freely-improvised music with Joe Foster on cornet, Jean-Paul Jenkins on guitar and altoclarinet, Bryan Eubanks on altosax. Itinerary, news and downloadable songs.
Horse and Nose - British free improvisation duet Improvised music for guitar, concertina and electronics, samples and animation
Jazz Improv Magazine Magazine with music and ideas for all jazz enthusiasts. Includes a companion CD with each issue.
Psyching Out Improvisation Demons Roger Freundlich shares his experience in teaching jazz improvisation to adult students.
Grayson, Richard Performances, reviews, short biography, audio files, and video files.
A Jazz Improvisation Primer, by Marc Sabatella Detailed online course in jazz improvisation with pages in history, theory, and practical advice on playing in a group.
Irvine, John (1965- ), Bristol, England. Picture, biography, list of compositions, and CDs.
Carter, Steve Jazz guitarist. This site contains a large selection of lesson materials, as well as a Gig Journal and Player's Journal.
Guitar Lix Interactive Features licks, riffs and solos for lead guitar in streaming audio. Also includes information on scales and modes.
Ugland, GT Singer-songwriter, guitar player and music teacher from Kristiansand, Norway. Features music theory articles, forum, lessons in technique, advice and music instruction from professional musicians. Topics include ear training, improvisation, and rhythm.
Pancrazi, Pete Information about Arizona guitarist Pancrazi's straight-ahead and latin jazz performance and instruction. Site includes biography, reviews, schedule, cd and booking information and links to other guitar sites.
Isbin, Gilbert Jazz guitarist. Site includes biography, discography, sound clips, reviews, lessons, sheet music, gallery, and links.
Gilbert Isbin, acoustic fingerstyle guitarist biography, discography, reviews, soundclips, lessons, sheet music, links
Kitamura, Kyoko Info on Kyoko Kitamura, vocal improviser, with a list of reference material for non-scat forms of vocal improvisation.
Lamberti, Daniel Daniel Lamberti was born in Buenos Aires (Argentina). He began to study music when he was 9. Daniel`s musical education includes pianoforte, flute, guitar, theory, harmony (traditional / contemporary), composition, arrangements and orchestra...
McManus, Terrence Contains biography, performance dates, audio samples, photos, and contact information.


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