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Guitar Chord Symbols

Jazz Guitar Improvisation in One Lesson Jazz guitar online diagrams outline limits of classical jazz harmony in major with improvisation options. More than isolated chords or single key area map. No previous theory required.

Simplified Music Chord Theory Explains scales and building chords from them.
JGuitar Guitar chord generator and scale calculator. Calculate fingerings for any chord on any stringed instrument in any tuning. Includes other useful tools such as chord namer and tab mapper.
Introduction to Guitar Chord Theory Introduction to guitar basics and theory. Includes scales, intervals, triads, chord names, tab, links, chord construction and dictionary.
Mandolin Chord Generator Display or print chords from user-defined settings, including left and right-handed views.
Online Ukulele Chord Generator Over 1 million chords in an easy to read format. Display or print a list of chords in any tuning.
Guitar Chord Generator Standard and alternative tunings. Design your own printable chord charts
Banjo Mandolin Ukulele Chord Generator Diagram any chord in various position along the neck.
Guitar Chords Magic Guitar chord lessons, charts, pictures, songs, music theory and chord finder.
Money Chords Popular chord progressions, chord substitutions, chord construction, guitar chord charts, and songwriting links.
Gootar Online chord generator specifically for seven string guitars.
Advanced Chord Concepts Structured advanced guitar chord method that provides a solid foundation for continued progress in jazz, blues, fusion and rock.
Guitar KnowledgeNet Collection of tools and lessons designed to help guitarists of all levels and playing styles.
Jazz Guitar Group Chat group and message board established in 1995.
Reed, Don Songwriter and instrumentalist. Biography, history, gear list, and past and present bands.
Ralph Patt's Jazz Web Page Contains basic chord changes to over 400 standard tunes; also offers information on major-third tuning, and chord progressions.
Building Chord Skills Building and using modern chord patterns and techniques.
Guitar Masters Comprehensive instructional center for guitarists. Includes lessons on chord diagrams, scales, blues and jazz chord, substitution, advanced music theory, arpeggios and technique.
Guitar Chord Here are random guitar chords from the Guitar Nine Records chord library. If you had like to view six more chords at any time, press the Reload or Refresh button on your browser for a new set of chords. This will enable you to get practice on a...
Chordie Search engine for finding guitar chords, guitar tabs and lyrics; also includes facilities for transposition, and for developing personal songbooks.
Guitar Player Features an archive of guitar product reviews, lessons, articles, notational symbols and related links.
Jazz Guitar Online Offers Jazz licks, solo transcriptions, chords, MP3s, forum and lessons.
Chord Book Virtual guitar and chordbook. Interactive, flash based reference tool for guitar players.
Chordie - The Doors Collection of guitar chords.
Guitar-Primer Adult guitar method using chord diagrams and extensive audio clips. Includes guitar lessons, guitar chord generator, tablature, music news, forums, chat, and monthly articles.
Internet Guitar Database A library of lessons for beginners and more advanced players, chord database, with information on guitar setup. Also includes reviews of equipment.
Electric-Guitar.Co.Uk Free guitar lessons, tablature, chords, and basic theory. Offers a members area, search and submit tab feature, and forums.
Pocket Piano Chord Name Finder Offers a program that will display the names of chords entered note by note, and also display on a keyboard diagram, the individual notes of any chord chosen.
Guitar Masters Comprehensive guitar instruction, non-commercial and banner free. Includes: Chord diagrams, scales, blues and jazz chords, substitution, advanced studies, music theory, arpeggios, and technique.


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