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Mandolin Chord Generator Display or print chords from user-defined settings, including left and right-handed views.

Online Ukulele Chord Generator Over 1 million chords in an easy to read format. Display or print a list of chords in any tuning.
Peter Hammill and Van der Graaf Generator Memories of Peter Hammill and Van der Graaf Generator.
Guitar Chords Generator Online and downloadable guitar chords generator.
Banjo Mandolin Ukulele Chord Generator Diagram any chord in various position along the neck.
Guitar Chord Generator Standard and alternative tunings. Design your own printable chord charts
Van der Graaf Generator, official releases Officially released records, covers and lyrics.
JGuitar Guitar chord generator and scale calculator. Calculate fingerings for any chord on any stringed instrument in any tuning. Includes other useful tools such as chord namer and tab mapper.
Underground Sounds Alternative music label based in London, England. Artists include Low-Fi Generator, Noonday Underground, and Alcohol. MP3s, catalog, and links.
Peter Hammill / Van der Graaf Generator Transcription Page This site contains transcriptions of Peter Hammill / Van der Graaf Generator songs. It's contributed by musicians for musicians in order to enable them to play Peter Hammill songs for their private pleasure. Includes guitar lessons, guitar chord generator, tablature, music news, forums, chat, and monthly articles.
Van der Graaf Generations A Van der Graaf Generator family tree.
Gootar Online chord generator specifically for seven string guitars. E-magazine on guitar and guitar-playing; includes reviews, interviews, a forum, MP3s, and links to education sources.
AvSound EPS-16+ Average Sound Generator.
Mighty Human Generator Photos and audio samples for the Scottish band. Online offers a number of articles of interest for bands or musicians. Free classified ads for bands, musicians and the music industry. Worldwide band name registry: also a band search engine, issue press releases, and a music industry database.
Worldwide Music Resources Extensive page of listings for music resources around the world.
Mosquito Songs Fan site which also has information about related bands including Mondo Generator and Eagles of Death Metal.
Van der Graaf Generator Tribute Site Extensive information on the band including discography, lyrics, chronology, and photos.
TEA Labs Manufacturers of the B-Free, a lightweight electromechanical tonewheel generator playable from any MIDI keyboard. Models and features, sound samples.
Damon Albarn Shrine Features a javascript 'Damon Quote Generator'.
Peter Hammill / Van der Graaf Generator FAQ Links, discography, compilations, cover versions, bootlegs, musicians, books, names and terminology.
Metal and Madness Rock name generator, metal mad libs, news, interviews, photos, rants, quiz, and links.
A Plague of Lighthouse.... Tapers Van der Graaf Generator and Peter Hammill bootleg trade site. Vdgg, Vdg, Hammill, PH, K-Group and others. Trades are for live recordings only, no official live or studio recordings are for trade.
Simplified Music Chord Theory Explains scales and building chords from them.
Tiny Mix Tapes Album and concert reviews, interviews, news, tour dates, and online mix tape generator.
Virtual Jon Random lyric generator in the style of "Yes".


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